Best International Bachelorette Party Destinations in the World

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always wanted a trip to Barbados, or if the bride has already been to Cabo a million times. If she wants to go to Cabo, everyone goes to Cabo! The best international bachelorette party destinations are very diverse, from the famous Sin City to beachfront resorts like Cancun or Tulum.

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing a destination is the number of people who will be attending. Different international bachelorette destinations might attract different kinds of crowds. Therefore, if you are looking for a party that is lively and full of energy, you will probably want to choose an outdoor or beach destination.

These exciting trips offer the chance to spend a few days away with your best friends, so you may want to consider booking a bachelorette photoshoot with all the gals! What better way to immortalize the trip?

From partying at the beach to having a treat-yo-self spa weekend, these are the top bachelorette party destinations in the world.

Best Beach Destination: Nassau, The Bahamas

It is very tropical here and can be a great way to make sure that you and your Bachelorette have a great vacation. The Bahama Islands, or Nassau, are beautiful spots that have themed parties and also offer great dining.

If you are looking for a luxury beach resort, there are tons to choose from. You can grab a seat on the beach, hang back, and enjoy the scenery. The best bachelorette party destinations in the world are found in warm climates where you can relax and enjoy the experience of the holiday, so this would be perfect.

Most beach destinations will have great weather and an excellent atmosphere. Some resort locations will even offer many activities to entertain their guests on the beach. A few of the activities offered at these locations include volleyball, pool games, kite surfing, windsurfing, and a lot more.

Best for an All-Inclusive Weekend: Cancun, Mexico

All-inclusive vacations in Cancun include things like a lot of activities, relaxation, dinner, and drinks. When choosing from the best bachelorette party destinations in the world, it is important to think of a resort or cruise line that has a good reputation with regard to their in-house staff and resort’s business dealings. It is also a good idea to get reviews from other people about that resort or cruise line as well.

Another benefit of an all-inclusive vacation package is that the package usually includes everything for the duration of the vacation. This means that you will not have to worry about having to spend money on food and drinks. In addition, the activity package that comes with the package is usually enough to keep the whole group entertained throughout the night. What’s more, bachelorette parties at casinos and hotel suites are often all-inclusive deals. Even better, you can enjoy the liberty of having fun and partying until dawn without worrying about the food. 

A spa day at one of the best spas is a wonderful way to let your body receive the many treatments that nature has to offer. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or pamper yourself at a hot tub.

Best Mexico Destination: Puerto Vallarta

Party in Old Town, hike to Las Animas Beach, learn to surf in Sayulita, release baby sea turtles… and the list goes on! There is so much to do as a group in Puerto Vallarta, and flights there are relatively cheap. We highly recommend considering Puerto Vallarta for your bachelorette party destination.

Best Classic Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is probably on every single list of the best bachelorette party destinations. It has an amazing casino scene with a lot of things to do for everyone and plenty of cheap tickets. This is great for those who are looking for a little adventure in their night, without spending a lot of money.

Best Unique Destination: Lake Tahoe, California

If you love the outdoors, consider a more adventurous setting for your party destination. Plan a hike-a-thon or go skiing!

Best Party Destination: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza’s nightlife is spread all across the island, so you can sample a variety of party options. San Antonio is home to the popular Ibiza Rocks HotelEden, and Ocean Beach. Playa d’en Bossa is home to Amnesia and Hi which are amazing for electronic music fans.

Your Ibiza bachelorette party doesn’t have to be all drunken shenanigans and disco tech clubs. This island has a lot of beauty to offer, so you can enjoy the daytime just as much as the nightlife. That is what makes it one of the best bachelorette party destinations in the world.

Best Budget Destination: Austin, Texas

Not everyone in the bridal party has the same budget and it’s important to keep this in mind. No one should be so stressed over the cost of a bachelorette trip that they can’t enjoy themselves. Your bride will want to ensure her bridal party is taken care of. Therefore, make sure to discuss with her ahead of time what she feels everyone in the party could possibly swing for a trip, and then brainstorm ways to make an awesome trip affordable for everyone.

Austin is great for every type of budget. Some of the best things to do in town are absolutely free, such as walking around Downtown, hanging out at Barton Springs, watch the bats under the Congress Street bridge, or window shopping along South Congress. Another very affordable activity is to go tubing down the Guadalupe river!

Best Foodie Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana

For the foodie bride-to-be, plan for dinner or an evening meal at the best restaurant in town for the night. Make sure to make brunch reservations at Commander’s Palace for amazing for and 25 cent martinis! Yes, you read that right.

Chances are New Orleans was already on your potential list for the best bachelorette party destinations in the world. The French Quarter is one of the best places because it offers some of the best atmospheres in all of the city. All of the restaurants here are great, as well as Bourbon Street. There are plenty of things to do in New Orleans to keep any bride-to-be very happy, and she will surely appreciate the place.

As you look through the bachelorette party ideas, make sure you keep in mind that your group of friends will be sharing memories forever. So make sure that you choose the best bachelorette party destination that you and your friends will remember for a long time to come. From places like New Orleans to tropical islands and secluded Caribbean beaches, your bachelorette party will be a memorable affair. Whether you’re on a budget or have money to burn, you can find a great place to celebrate your last night of “freedom”.

Best Virtual Bachelorette Party: Skype

When some people cannot make it to the trip or maybe everyone is on lockdown due to a pandemic, you can always host a virtual happy hour! Skype is the OG video chat software and it is still the best. Their latest update now allows up to 50 people to be on their video calls for free, so now all your best friends can fit and you can all lift your glasses to the bride-to-be.


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