Planning a Bachelorette party to an exotic destination? These exciting trips offer the chance to spend a few days away with your best friends, so what better way to immortalize the weekend than with a bachelorette party photoshoot? Below are some bachelorette photoshoot ideas, poses, and outfits suggestions.

Bachelorette Photoshoot Ideas

Stop thinking of the bachelorette trip as a big last hurrah, or the only time the bride will get to have a bit of fun before she settles down. Instead, this is a chance for her to spend a little low-key quality time with her best friends before tying the knot. This quality time should be the overall focus of the trip, with chances for you all to bond, reflect, remember, and have a good laugh or two before the big day. Don’t get so lost in staying on schedule, picking the perfect restaurants, planning the perfect games, and making sure all the trains are running on time, that you forget this.

Your bachelorette party should be an occasion that should not be forgotten. Capturing the fun on camera with selfies and photos from the guests is one thing, but having a professional photographer take a planned shoot is the perfect send-off with your girlfriends, before saying “I Do”.

Decide on a theme

A theme can be a color scheme (possibly similar to your wedding colors) or something more specific like ‘Hawaiin’, or ‘Hollywood Glam’. The theme can then extend through what you and your guests wear to the decorations if hosting the party in a home.

When it comes to the party, you will need to figure out what type of celebration you want to have. Does the group want a full-fledged, action-packed bachelorette bash or a chill night in a hotel suite with pampering, champagne, and tons of personal stories? There are also a lot of classic bachelorette photoshoot ideas that you can add your own twist to such as a cocktail party or dinner party.

Location, Location, Location

Are you having your bachelorette party at home or are you having a weekend away? Thinking outside the box for your bachelorette party location can really make a photoshoot for the occasion fun and interesting. Think about a ‘Street Art walking tour’; using street art as a background for your photos to make them pop. Or participating in an art or dance class? Taking a class is guaranteed laughter and those types of action shots always make the best memories.

If you can find a house on Airbnb with a great patio, a view, or a pool even better! Think about how you’ll decorate the place and make sure there’s space or a spot for cute photos of the bride and all her friends.

Consider the size of your group

Have you got a big group of family and friends that want to celebrate your bachelorette with you? For a really great, intimate photoshoot that will really capture the fun and feelings of the day, keep your group small. It may mean having a bachelorette photoshoot before the larger group arrives (but then keep the photographer around for that too). Smaller groups (like only your bridesmaids) will make the shoot more relaxed for you and your photographer, resulting in better photos.

Disposable Cameras

Yes, everyone has a smartphone nowadays, but how about a little throwback fun? First, buy a bunch of disposable cameras for the evening. Then have the maid of honor collect the cameras at the end of the party to have them developed and made into an album.

Not into the old-school camera idea? Set up an official bachelorette photography album for everyone to add their personal shots of the weekend. It is really easy (and free!) to share individual photos or albums by email or with a shareable link. We like to use Google PhotosiCloud, or Amazon.

Make it a Gift

A gorgeous set of photos from the trip can be just the thing, and we’re not talking about a collection of selfies. Plan a fun bachelorette photography session during your trip, with a professional photographer, to get magazine model-worthy shots of you and all the girls, with the bride at the center of it all. Your bride will definitely love her treasured keepsake from the trip and everyone else will have an unforgettable experience working the camera. This fun gift idea will definitely win you “Gift-Giver of the Year”! If you aren’t in the mood for a bachelorette photoshoot, maybe a better idea would be to get a gift card for a honeymoon photoshoot for her upcoming trip!

Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer is really the best way to capture the day, especially since they know all the best spots and some great bachelorette party photo poses. It is becoming more and more common – not only as a gift for the bride but it is also the best way to immortalize your weekend. Everyone can put their phones away and still return with amazing photos of the party.

Plan a bachelorette photoshoot and then present the bride with the photography session as a gift she’ll cherish forever. If you’ve been looking for the perfect bridal shower gift idea, this is one that can’t go wrong. High-resolution photos are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within a few days. Find a photographer and see bachelorette photoshoot packages below:

Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas

Do you have a tropical destination planned with the crew? Or maybe just a staycation with a movie marathon, popcorn, and wine? Whatever the celebration style, there are bachelorette party matching outfit ideas out there for you. You can purchase already made shirts (there are tons of cute ones out there already), or do something custom – come up with your own message (e.g. Haley’s Entourage) or have a funny photo of the bride screen-printed on them!

Keep it simple

Sometimes the most basic of outfits can have the most input in a photoshoot. Ensure your bride stands out by being a little different though. Jeans and t-shirts create clean lines for photoshoots so get the guests to pair this with a simple black t-shirt or top and the bride can wear white. Whatever you pick, make sure that you find something that’s flattering for everyone in your group.


Well-coordinated and matching outfits for all of the women and a party theme just adds to the fun! T-shirts, necklaces, jackets, beads, bracelets, brooches, and earrings…. the options are endless.

Play with Accessories & Props

Whether the base outfit is simple or fancy, using different accessories can add a layer to make a photo really pop. Add props such as signs, sashes, or flowers. Play around with the trend of foil balloons in the shape of letters and numbers with the happy couple’s initials or spelling out the word ‘love’.

Capture the moment the bride pops champagne and everyone has a glass, or get some balloons that spell out something fun. Feel free to bring some drinks to the shoot to celebrate and help those who don’t like taking photos to relax. Some prop ideas could be:

  • Champagne
  • Balloons
  • Fun Photo Booth Props
  • Colored Smoke Bombs
  • Sparklers
  • Confetti

Decide on a Theme

To really spice it up, give the shoot a theme and encourage everyone to dress up. A couple of themes for the bachelorette photoshoot we have loved over the years have been old Hollywood glamour dresses, boho-chic with flower crowns, or a beach photo session with matching swimsuits.

Go big or go home

Full skirts or ballerina tulle look fabulous in any type of photoshoot, especially when you add movements such as a turn or a jump. This may just be for the bride or the whole group. Have fun with full skirts flaring out in a kicking pose; showing a little bit of leg. Or go for the perfectly timed jumping photo where skirts will look full and fabulous.

Poses for Bachelorette Party Photos

Sometimes the best poses look candid, but aren’t! The key to group photos is letting everyone show their good side (we all have one), creating a dynamic look, and take a ton of photos to get one where everyone looks great. Make sure your outfits coordinate a little bit and that the bride stands out, and you’ll be ready to shoot! Our top 5 bachelorette party poses are:

  • In a line, walking towards the camera
  • Backs to the camera, holding each other
  • Hugging, look at the camera
  • Candid, laughing together
  • Each person gets a photo with the bride

Action shots

This doesn’t necessarily mean sport or running. Get your photographer to NOT pose you and just be yourselves. Sit and have champagne and a chat and let the laughter flow. Or if you are participating in a class or activity for the party, action shots can truly capture the spirit of those.

Have fun with your theme

Choose poses that really suit your theme to tie the whole photoshoot together. Are you having a beach or Hawaiin theme? Use props to bring that to life; surfboards, drinking from coconuts, etc.

Focus on the bride

As mentioned in the bachelorette party outfit ideas, the bride should be able to stand out from the rest of her guests. When having posed shoots, make sure the bride is in the middle. Do you have a gorgeous backdrop? Get the bride in the middle and then the guests lined up either side of her or huddled around in a group.