Tired of awkward family photos? After 7 years of capturing multi-generational memories around the world, we compiled this list with all the best beach family photoshoot ideas and themes for your next trip. Book a short & fun photo session with a local family trip photographer and return home with your precious vacation memories captured perfectly.

Family Vacation Ideas

Looking for family vacation ideas that’ll make your next trip stand out? Whether you’re traveling with the kids, grandparents, or even the entire extended crew, these destinations guarantee a memorable experience full of laughs & cherished memories. 

All-Time Favorite Family-Friendly Destinations

Family Vacation Ideas with Toddlers

Whether it’s a peaceful beach or a summer trip to the mountains, it has to be a place where both generations can have fun… after all, it is your vacation too! At their age, it may be a bit awkward to travel and hard to choose a destination. They are too young for the kid clubs at the all-inclusive resorts and they are too short to go on the Disney World rides. The good thing is that they are old enough to want to experience the world! They are very curious and eager to spend time with the family.

Family Vacation Ideas with Teenagers

Now that they are more grown-up, teens can actually be great to travel with. As long as you involve them in the decision-making and set enough time for relaxing and having family time. There are tons of options and trip themes to choose from such as destinations with outdoor adventures or simply lounging by the beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Unique Family Photoshoot Ideas

Tired of awkward family portraits? Looking for a fun & unique way to capture your family’s travel memories? Local Lens has captured family holidays in over 100 destinations around the world. Family photo sessions, believe it or not, can be loads of fun. When you’re not trying to wrangle everyone in front of the fireplace for Christmas Card photography and you’re letting your family trip photographer get the shots while you all play on the beach, family photos become a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Who knows — you might just make family vacation photo shoots an annual tradition!

No, really! Family vacations are about much more than de-stressing from work and school. Studies have shown that children who went on vacation with their families often turn to these memories during tough times. A plethora of family portraits from such a vacation can only help add to the memories we store for later use.

While you find the perfect family trip photographer among our amazing professionals, check out our unique family photoshoot ideas below.

Family Photoshoot Themes

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle everyone into taking a few family portraits on Christmas, you know the struggle that comes with getting great photos of everybody all together. Let a professional do the hard work! Our family vacation photographers can ensure a beautiful backdrop, smiles all around, and that even the rowdiest of kids (or big kids) are looking at the camera.

While it can be difficult to let go of control (after all, it’s your family and you’re the mom or dad and you know what you’re doing and how to get cousin Johnny to sit still and behave), take a deep breath and check out our family photoshoot themes that will leave you with treasured memories with everyone in the photo… finally!

Professional family vacation photographers know what they’re doing and have dealt with families of all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. While some of their family photoshoot themes might seem silly in the present, they might just end up being your very favorite prints.

Of course, you can’t take a vacation without getting some family photos. Just make sure that everyone’s included, but not by asking some stranger to snap a hurried, poor-quality photo as you scramble to make sure everyone’s actually looking at the camera. Instead, get a pro on your side. A Local Lens family vacation photographer can show you around your destination while snapping both candids and posed shots of you and your crew, so you have beautiful photos to show everyone back home and treasure for years to come. 

Tips for Your Child’s First Photoshoot

When you see those photoshoots of tightly swaddled newborns, angelically surrounded by flowers or faux fur, peacefully snoozing, as a parent, you might feel just a little in awe of a photographer that can capture such a moment. And while photographing infants takes a certain set of skills, photographing toddlers and young children can be even trickier. They run around, climb on things, wiggle and squirm, suddenly throw a tantrum for no apparent reason — if you’re a parent, you know the drill. So what do you do once you decide it’s time, as a family, to get some new photos?

From children’s birthday parties and religious celebrations to vacation photoshoots and family engagements, there are so many opportunities to capture photos with kids. However, kids can be rather tricky to photograph. They tend to get distracted, bored, and overwhelmed easier. Some kids may be camera shy, while others go crazy for their attention. Whatever the case may be, we’d like to share 3 tips for capturing picture-perfect memories with a young child that we’ve learned throughout the years by working in the industry. With the following tips, you’ll have photos worthy of hanging on the walls of your home and sharing with friends and family, for years to come.

Engage Your Child

Rather than lining your kids up and yelling, say cheese! simply let them wander and explore. The greatest photos of children can be when they’re investigating their surroundings and just being children. Long gone are the days of bringing kids to a photography studio and lining them up in front of some generic background– there’s no sense of wonder of inspiration to be sought from photos like those. Whether you’re in your own backyard or adventuring in a foreign land, let your kids be kids and the camera will do the rest.

If you’ve even tried to take a simple Christmas card photo, or just a snapshot during a fun outing, you already know that, unless your kid loves to turn on the charm for the camera, asking them to stand still and smile is futile. Instead of trying to pose a bunch of photos, engage your child in an activity and let them focus on that, versus the camera. The photographer will be able to shoot away, while you and your crew are playing, talking and being yourselves.

Let Them Be Themselves

In the same sense, it’s important to let young children be young children– that’s where the real magic happens! Don’t worry about having them pose or look a certain way; don’t micromanage them or complain if their hair is looking a bit tousled. Young children can sense when adults are overdoing it or putting a bit of an act on. When you give young children the freedom to be exactly who they are, that’s when the camera can really capture golden moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Speaking of, let your children be themselves during a photoshoot. You’ll get much better photos if you’re (a) doing something your child likes and (b) in an environment that feels natural to them. In the instance of travel photography, if you know your child is easily frightened and upset by loud noises and crowded situations, choose a photoshoot location that’s away from tourist-heavy areas or loud traffic. Similarly, if you know your child is going to hate every second of their time in that dress you picked out, maybe opt for something they’ll like a little more.

Go Along with Your Child’s Schedule

When they haven’t had enough sleep, you can only expect the worst. Opt for a photoshoot time that fits your child’s schedule, either after they’ve woken up in the morning or after nap time. Definitely avoid trying to fit a pre-nap photoshoot into your schedule.

Props for a Family Beach Photoshoot

It’s no secret in the world of photography– kids love props! If you’re looking for a way to engage them or distract them (particularly if they’re camera shy), family photo props are a lovely idea. From balloons and chalkboards to colorful umbrellas and kites, there are plenty of fun options. You may even find some natural props– seashells anyone? You can even think about creating a picnic scene to be photographed. The shoot can really be anything you make it and having fun is always #1!

The idea of photographing young children may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Kids can make excellent subjects for photographers– even the most seemingly uncooperative youngsters can prove to be incredible in the eye of a camera lens. Unfortunately, kids aren’t kids forever and you’ll want to capture these memories while you can– fortunately, the family vacation photographers at Local Lens are here for you!

Hey, spills and stains happen to the best of us. Make sure that you come to your photoshoot equipped with an extra shirt or hair tie or anything else you think might go awry from the time you leave your hotel or house until your photoshoot begins.

Beach Family Photoshoot Ideas

Family vacation photography is one of the many joys on the internet – who doesn’t love laughing along at those viral awkward family photos? To avoid your family photoshoot becoming the next meme, check out the following tips for a flawless session with a family vacation photographer.

So you have a family vacation coming up? All the family’s coming? Your itinerary is probably filled with beachside barbecues, lazy days by the ocean, and possibly even a rainy day board game or two. But among all the family bonding, why not capture a little bit of the love on camera? Don’t think a family vacation photoshoot is right for your crew?

To take advantage of all of the above benefits of a family photoshoot, you’re going to want a professional by your side. They can make sure everyone looks their best, direct the posing and herd the cats while you reap the rewards — namely, everyone thanking you for thinking of it in the first place and then the loads of compliments you get when everyone sees the prints. Better snag your favorite photo fast, before your sister-in-law claims it for her Christmas card first.

There’s a reason nostalgia exists. We always think back to the way things were. Capture the ways things are now, so you have something to look back on later. You never know which family members will move away, how people will change as they grow up, or, sadly, who might not make it to the next family vacation. We also know that it may be hard to fit in a photoshoot during your busy vacation schedule. If this is the case, consider a mini session to get some frame-worthy moments captured in less than 30 minutes.

Choose the Best Family Photo Spots

Nothing can ruin a nice family photoshoot faster than having a bunch of random folks in the way! Be sure to choose a beach that you know won’t be particularly crowded. Better yet, do a family beach photoshoot in the offseason! That’ll ensure you’ll have plenty of room to move about and take tons of photos without anyone photobombing.

What to Wear for Family Photos

You know the one… it’s the go-to family photo outfit. White shirt, khakis. Step away from the khakis, sir. This year, go with a pop of color. Just make sure everyone’s colors cohesively match. You’ll be glad you did when your photos have more personality and just a little pizazz. Just make sure that everyone’s comfortable, especially the kiddos for their photoshoot outfits.

If you’re looking to have perfect family beach photos that you’ll look back on for years to come, make sure y’all are looking good! Whether you decide that the guys will wear one color and the girls another, or you put the kids in one color and adults in another, there are so many ways to have fun coordinating your outfits. You can keep it real simple and have everyone wear the same color– white is always a great choice for a beach photoshoot!

Family Photoshoot Poses 

Leave those awkward family poses at home folks! When you hire a vacation photographer for a family photoshoot, the best photos are genuine, candid moments. Don’t worry about being “on” for the camera – leave it to the photographer to do the hard work!

While a few poses are fine for the Christmas cards, family photo poses are best when they are candid. If you are at the beach, make sure to get a few shots of the kids playing in the sand, or the entire family walking up and down the shoreline. Enjoy some of the normal activities you love and soon the all-natural smiles and real laughter will follow.

If you’d like to spice things up, bring some props along with you to the beach! From balloons and chalkboards to umbrellas and kites, there are plenty of options. You may even find some natural props – seashells anyone? Props also serve as a great distraction if you or your kids are particularly shy about having photos taken. You can even think about creating a picnic scene to be photographed. The photoshoot can really be anything you make it and having fun is always #1! Check out our other post if you’d like some more tips for family photoshoot poses.

How Much Does a Family Vacation Photographer Cost?

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