COVID-19 and Vacation Photoshoots

Flights are suspended, the travel industry is on hold, and we are all just trying to get through the strangest of times together. COVID-19 has put us through a lot, but just because that big trip to Santorini or Spain was cancelled, does not mean that you and your loved one shouldn’t enjoy a staycation or road trip in your home country. While many tours have stopped operating, our photoshoots are still in full swing! Luckily, our photoshoots are by nature COVID-19 friendly. Read on to see the precautions and assurances we are taking to keep you and your photographer safe while capturing amazing frame-worthy images.

📸   by Jared in Phoenix



Photo by Lauren in NYC


Social Distancing

Your photographer will keep a safe 6 to 10 foot distance, while directing you from afar. Your photographer will have a variety of lenses and be able to capture close ups as well as those epic wide shots. Let your photographer know your vision before your shoot of the kind of shots you want, to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Face Coverings

Your photographer will wear a mask to the shoot. You can remove your mask for your photos, and put it back on when transporting between photoshoot locations.


Hand Sanitizer

Your photographer will have hand sanitizer available for you to use as you visit different locations.


Non-Crowded Outdoor Locations Only

During this time our shoots will only take place it outdoor locations that are sparse with other people. Try shooting in the early morning to make sure you get some great locations all to yourself!


Air High Fives

No hand shakes or kisses on the cheeks please! Give your photographer a fist bump, and elbow tap, or an air high five.



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