Celebrating 50 Years with the Family in Rome

Go big or go home! 50 years of marriage deserves a party, and what better way than spending it with the whole family in Rome?




Traveling with the whole gang

Rome is amazing for families! Getting photos of everyone together can be tough, and when you are celebrating such a grand occasion, a photoshoot fits the bill. 


The Colosseum and Roman Forum

If you’re looking to capture ancient Rome, the Colosseum and Roman Forum is your photoshoot go-to. You’ll get those epic colosseum backdrops and if you go in the morning or early evening the lighting is perfect. This family only had time in the mid morning, so the lighting is a bit brighter, but we think it still turned out great.


Bring Your Walking Shoes

The Roman Forum is huge, and walking is the only way to get from one photo spot to another. Bring your walking shoes, and if you want to change shoes you can bring an extra pair for the photos and then a comfy pair for the walks between places.


Have fun, be silly, relax, you’re in Rome!

The key to great family and group photos is to relax and allow yourself to be YOU in front of the camera. You want to capture the essence of your family – all the quirks, the giggles, the goofy gestures and all. As long as you’re having fun, you’ll look great!


Matching Shirts!

This is such a fun idea. To celebrate 50 years, the whole family had shirts made with the same embroidered logo. Way to go fam!


Check out some of our favorite photos from this anniversary shoot below!

All Photos Captured by Local Lens Vacation Photographer Raul in Rome





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