Ayutthaya Day Trip: The Best Itinerary from Bangkok

Just a short drive from Bangkok, the Ayutthaya day trip to this UNESCO World Heritage site is totally worth a visit if you can fit it into your travel itinerary. The magnificent ruins reflect the second Siamese capital, founded in 1350 before being destroyed by the Burmese in the 1700s. Now, visitors walk among towers and monasteries from centuries past. 




A Short Guide to Ayutthaya 

An archaeological ruin, the city is expansive and there’s so much to see during your Ayutthaya day trip (which is why a full day is recommended). Here are some of the can’t-miss portions of this unique site. 

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

The most famous temple in Ayutthaya, Wat Chaiwatthanaram was constructed in 1630 and used as a Buddhist religious space, as well as a cremation site for royalty. This temple is part of the Historical Park for your Ayutthaya day trip, but not considered part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. 



The Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha is just that…a giant reclining Buddha statue. Beyond this, however, is another temple nearby, with walls, floors, and pillars still intact. You can find cafes overlooking the temple and the Reclining Buddha, where some still come to make small offerings. 

Wat Phra Mahthat 

This site is highly popular for one unique thing — the large Buddha head that’s been absorbed by a tree and now sits among the roots. No one knows how the stone head got there, but it’s an interesting reminder of the way nature quickly takes over once a society is razed to the ground. 



Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

This museum is a must-visit during an Ayutthaya day trip, as it really gives you a background of the scenery. Consider stopping by before you explore the rest of the remains, as it definitely helps you to understand what it is you’re looking at and the people who would’ve lived here.

When it comes to getting to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, it’s relatively easy. You can drive (or take a taxi or car service) via several routes. The train rides are also a great option, as they’re both scenic and very affordable. Buses do service the route, though this can be a very long and tedious ride. Additionally, one unique transportation option is the cruise boats, which are very popular with tourists and provide a scenic trip.

Once there, consider renting a bicycle to get around the expansive space, or hire a tuk-tuk. 







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