What to Wear for Your Vacation Photoshoot

Not sure what to wear for your travel photoshoot? Are you going for a casual beach vibe or total city glam? No matter what you choose, make sure to wear an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in! After 5 years of photoshoots in more than 50 countries, we have compiled all our favorite tips on what to wear and some great outfit ideas:



Incorporate Layers

No matter your preference, be sure to be prepared and dress for the environment you’ll be in. Autumn in Manhattan? Great! Incorporate layers and clothing with some textures to make your photos pop. Doing a couple’s photoshoot? The key here is to complement each other rather than match. Bright pops of color are always a great idea as well. From engagement photos to maternity photos and everything in between, always dress in something that will make you feel and look fantastic!




Sometimes making sure you have an amazing photo selection is as simple as adding a dash of color and some accessories to really make you pop in the photo. If you’d like to wear neutrals like white, try giving yourself some options by adding a pinch of color to your casual outfits with a bright scarf, jacket, or a statement jewelry piece. And make sure that applies to everyone in the shoot! We love when partners and families complement each other’s clothing. Pick a few key tones to build a wardrobe around. An easy way to start is to pick one central piece like a patterned dress. Then, simply pick colors from that dress for everyone else to wear.


Add a Pop of Color

Nothing ruins a batch of vacation photos more than dull colors! You’ve hired a photographer, now is not the time to be shy! Wear that bold pop of red or yellow or an outfit with stripes with solids – have fun with it! Photos with pops of color make for great canvas prints that you can pepper throughout your home to remind you of your favorite vacations!




Showcase Your Personality

This is the most important one. We want to capture YOU! Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Sometimes that is a dress and sandals outfit, and for others that is jeans and a t-shirt. Be true to your personal style so that your best self can shine through in the photos. When on a couple photoshoot or a family photography session, think about what to wear to set the mood and evoke an atmosphere. Whether it is your wedding day, your engagement, an inside joke you have, or your family holidays, thinking back to those times together will help you set the mood for a fun, happy, and beautiful photoshoot.





Bring some Props

Again, your photoshoot can go any which way you’d like it to. However, if you’re particularly nervous or shy about having your photos taken, photo props can be a great way to distract you! From holding balloons, flowers, and chalkboard signs to playfully throwing glitter in the air, there are so many fun opportunities to be had here. See our next section for some more ideas.

Most Importantly: HAVE FUN

Joyous and happy photos come from the source – your energy. Have fun, be silly, and don’t be afraid to dance and laugh and jump. You can wear the most beautiful outfit, but if you aren’t having a good time it will show in the photos. Your photographer will make sure that you have fun in some poses, and be sure to enjoy walking around the city spots. Grumpy vibes are the worst accessory. If anyone in your group hates taking photos, you can go for a coffee or beer before the shoot. For kids, give them items to interact with, like a flower or toy car to keep their hands busy.




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