Your vacation deserves better than smartphone snaps and selfies. Hire local photographers in the top travel destinations around the world to return home with photo souvenirs that you’ll treasure for years to come. It’s a great idea for engagement photos, family portraits, honeymoon photos, bachelorette parties, or just because!

Book photoshoots that range from romantic gondola rides through Venice, to beach strolls in Cancun, to Limo rides through Las Vegas, to surprise marriage proposals in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With professional photographers in over 60 cities around the globe, we are here to help you find and book your dream vacation photoshoot.

We know how precious vacation photos can be, and that’s why all our photographers have been handpicked to deliver top-notch photos and service, guaranteed! You are also protected when you book via Local Lens since your payment is only released to the photographer after the photoshoot.


How did Local Lens come about?

We have been asked countless times to take photos for other travelers at iconic landmarks, but when we asked the same of others, the photo was not as good as we hoped. We asked others to take our photo again, but no luck. As photographers and travelers ourselves, we understand the value of returning home with great photos from a trip, and we’ve made it our personal mission to make fantastic vacation photos possible for everyone.


Connect with Us

We regularly share vacation inspirations on our blogTwitter, and Facebook. Have any questions about booking a photoshoot? Just want to say hello? Want to invite us to a party? We can’t wait to hear from you! Shoot us a message or just drop us an email at info(at)LocalLens.com.

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