Shark Tank Special Episode with Local Lens in Mexico

Local Lens was given the opportunity to be on Shark Tank, for a special season filmed in Mexico. It was an incredible yet terrifying experience to pitch in front of such prominent investors such as Carlos Bremer (Value Grupo Financiero), Ana Victoria (Victoria147 & Huffington Post), Arturo Elías (CEO of Telmex and UNO Noticias), and Jorge Vergara (Omnilife).

Haley Price & Eric Gonzalez started Local Lens back in 2014 after dating for 4 years. We are happy to report that they are now married and working full-time on Local Lens.


So what was it like?

After flying into Mexico City and staying in the beautiful and super cool Roma district, we were directed to the studio. There were 2 other teams with us. One was a startup offering special needs bicycles and tricycles, and another was a food truck selling TacoPizza cart. We waited for about 2 hours before getting called back for soundcheck, and it was all happening!


Fun fact: You know that hallway they make you walk down before going through the doors? They made us walk that 5 different times!


We had rehearsed our pitch over and over for days, but when it came down to it our nerves were out of control. Standing in front of billionaires with your business on the line can put your stomach into knots!



Did you get an offer?

We did! But we did not accept…

The shark asked for 33% of the company, and that was a lot to give so early in our company’s life.



What were you looking to get out of going on Shark Tank?

An offer to our initial bid would have been incredible! But realistically we did not need much financial help. Instead, we were looking for a shark with more marketing or advertising connections that could help us get more exposure, such as Ana Victoria or Arturo Elías.

Jorge Vergara was the shark that made us an offer, but since he is usually more inclined towards the health industry, we didn’t think he would be the best fit for Local Lens.

Haley also got to put her Spanish to the test, and she did great!



How did you get picked to get on the show?

We saw a casting call ad and submitted a short video of us describing our company, and then we had 3 more rounds of interviews. When we were notified we got on the show, we were a bit caught off guard, and said: “I guess we are going to Mexico City!”



Did anything fun happen off-screen?

A couple of crew members cheered us on which was fun. After we did not accept the offer many of them told us “I can’t believe you didn’t accept it!” or “I’m so glad you didn’t take that offer!”

Also, the Sharks said that they wanted an invite to our wedding!



Did anything come out of the experience?

Pitching your company is always a learning experience, no matter how many times you do it. Each time someone will say something you haven’t thought of yet. We love getting different perspectives and getting constructive criticism. We believe there is always room to improve the customer experience!




See The Full Episode on Shark Tank Mexico

Shark Tank México: Season 1, Episode 3 / Temporada 1, Episodio 3



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