3 Reasons You Should Do a Post-Wedding Photoshoot

Couples looking for a post-wedding photoshoot are on the rise! Now, along with your engagement photos, wedding photos, or honeymoon photos, you can also book a photoshoot that’s becoming more and more popular with trendsetting brides and grooms — an after-wedding photo session. What is it? Taking place a few days to a few years after your wedding, it’s the perfect chance to get more photos of you and your spouse in your wedding attire.

But, you say — I already have photos in our wedding attire! Why would I want more? Here are three big reasons you might.

You Want a More Relaxed Atmosphere

Even if you do have an amazing wedding and you really do like your photos from the day of, maybe you just want some others of just the two of you that aren’t so rushed and stressful. After all, it’s not easy trying to fit 100+ photos into the short space between the ceremony and the reception. Taking the time to do some other photos with no rushing or pressure can be a fun experience resulting in beautiful photos from a post-wedding photoshoot.

You Hated Your Original Photos

We all want the fairytale wedding, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Maybe you had a big zit on the big day, or you don’t like all the cheesy poses your wedding photographer chose during the photo session. Whatever the reason, these aren’t the wedding photos you want to hang on your wall forever. An after-wedding photoshoot gives you a second chance to get the photos you want with the spouse you love.

You Want Something Completely Different Altogether

So you liked your wedding, you like your wedding photos, maybe you loved it all…but you’ve been thinking of some romantic vacation ideas and you think, what if we reshot our wedding photos in one of the most romantic spots in the world? You’re not crazy for thinking it and you’re not alone. 

Whatever your reason, a post-wedding photo session can be just the romantic idea your relationship needs, to guarantee you get the wedding photography shots you want, with no pressure or stress the second time around.

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