Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas for an Epic Pregnancy Announcement

Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas for an EPIC Baby Announcement

Revealing to loved ones that you are pregnant is one of the most fun moments of starting a family. You get to experience the surprised reactions of your friends and family and then be showered in the excitement of love. The internet is full of creative ideas for baby announcement photos, from custom gifts to arranged parties. One of our favorite ways to announce the newest member of your family is a gender reveal and a pregnancy announcement photoshoot. You can capture photos with your partner and use fun props to share the news.

Below we’ve got the top ideas for a gender reveal photoshoot and where to hire a pregnancy announcement photographer.

Why do a Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot?

It all started back in 2008 by a blogger who used a cake to reveal the gender of her baby to her family. Now gender reveal parties have become milestone events for many pregnancies.

If you are on the fence thinking about doing a baby reveal photoshoot, you’re not alone. Pregnancy is uncomfortable – the swollen feet, mood swings, stretch marks, and growing belly – we know that you might not feel like you look your best. However, we’re here to tell you that pregnancy is beautiful, and once you see your photos you will see what everyone else sees – a glowing mom-to-be.

Pregnancy is Beautiful

Think about it – you have created a human being who is growing and being nourished inside of you. The extra pounds and unpredictable hormones are proof of the miracle growing inside. Even though 40 weeks may feel like forever, it won’t be long before your little one is here, so you will be glad that you were able to document this special and beautiful time in your lives.

It’s a Way to Celebrate

During the pregnancy announcement photoshoot your photographer will capture some intimate moments between you, your partner, and your belly. You’ll be able to pretend the photographer is not even there so that you and your partner can enjoy the excitement and anticipation of meeting your baby. A skilled pregnancy announcement photographer will want to capture real emotions while giving you a little bit of guidance so that the photos evoke everything unique about you and your pregnancy.

Believe It or Not, You’re Going to Miss the Bump!

One day you’ll be able to create a photo album of all your pregnancy announcement photos, birth photos, and newborn photos. It’s a great way to bundle the year together and capture the glory of motherhood. Later on, a few years later, you’ll be able to show your grown children their first year of life.

Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas

The best way to announce through photos your big news is a prop such as a “baby coming soon” sign or baby clothing. As well as a gender reveal, you may want to capture your initial announcement and reactions on camera too. Again, there are so many creative ways to do this but the best way is to make it personal and show your personality and family throughout the shoot. Here are some of our favorites.

Confetti Balloons

Not only are balloons great to photograph, but you can use them in a variety of ways. Burst the balloon to reveal colored confetti. If you choose not to use stereotypical colors, there could be a written sign inside the balloon you burst.

Letterboard Sign

These signs can be purchased affordably and you can get creative with the message that you want it to say! See some examples. You can use the letterboard in the future for documenting your baby’s growth, birthdays, and all kinds of occasions!

Graphic Onesie

A baby onesie with fun wording like “Our Greatest Adventure” or “Baby [INSERT NAME] Coming Soon!” are fun ways to capture the news. You can find fun custom onesie ideas on Etsy.

Baby Shoes & Clothing

Use clothing or objects without actually being in the photo yourself. Shoes of different sizes or jerseys from your favorite sporting team in different sizes, paired with a creative announcement sign is an effective and cute way to announce your pregnancy.

During a pregnancy announcement photoshoot, cute baby shoes are a fun way to express your new addition in style. Opt for fun and iconic shoes like Converse, Uggs, Vans, Birkenstocks, or Nike’s to express something unique about you, your partner, and your baby.

Party Poppers

Why not get guests involved with party poppers? All guests stand around the expectant parents and with a countdown, all the guests’ poppers reveal the confetti color. Your pregnancy announcement photographerwill not only grab the reaction of the parents but also the guests’ reactions as they find out and “pop” at the same time.

Ultrasound Photos

Holding an ultrasound photo is one of the most popular pregnancy announcement poses to use during a gender reveal photoshoot. They are a classic way to share the news and the ultrasound is a keepsake in itself! In the future, you can frame the ultrasound and your favorite baby announcement photo together as a memory.

Hit a Piñata

Consider getting a piñata and have someone fill it with candies. When it bursts, the candy inside can reveal the gender of your baby!

Include Your Fur-Babies

Use your pets in the pose. After all, they are part of the family too. Dog owners may consider a sign or copy of the ultrasound photo attached to their fur babies’ collar while they pose next to them.

When to Take Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Really, you can do your photos anytime! If you’re feeling good and want to capture your pregnancy when you really feel like you are “glowing,” then go for it! These memories are all about you and your growing family.

Most pregnant ladies choose to do their shoot during this time because the belly has a nice round shape and they still feel comfortable enough to do the shoot. 30 Weeks is the most recommended before the belly tilts downward. If you are expecting more than one baby, take photos earlier, around 28 weeks, to capture a nice silhouette.

Every pregnancy is different, so watch how your body develops and make your “baby coming soon” photoshoot decision accordingly. Most photographers will reschedule if you aren’t feeling great the day before shoot day, they understand!

What to Wear for Pregnancy Announcement Photos

A pregnancy reveal photoshoot is a fun way to let your family and friends know what gender your little one will be. Any excuse for a party, I say! Getting a pregnancy announcement photographer will allow you to relax while you get ready for the big reveal. And then you can be sure that the perfect moment will be caught on camera.

Below are all our tips to choose flattering pieces that you’ll feel amazing in!

Flowy Dresses

Dresses that are feminine and wispy, always photograph wonderfully. You want your dress to still cling to your body a little bit. Otherwise, you will hide the belly too much, and you want to look obviously pregnant in your photos.

Second Outfit

Bring a second outfit to create a different style. Don’t be afraid to choose a more fitted piece that shows off the bump.

Steer Clear of Dark Colors

Dresses that are of lighter shades – dusty blue, pink, champagne, white – will show your belly more and look very feminine. On the other hand, darker colors like navy or black will hide the bump. You can also go for bold bright colors! We’ve seen red, yellow, purple, and turquoise.

Show as Much (or as Little) as You Want

A skilled pregnancy announcement photographer will work with you to understand your level of comfort. One of the popular trends in maternity photography involves flowing fabrics that tastefully cover parts of your body while revealing the rest.

Empire Waistlines

These classic cuts will create a nice silhouette for your pregnancy. This staple and trusted choice will also hide other parts of your body that changed in a way you might not want to showcase.


A modern option is the bodycon dress. You’ll want to take photos in a bodycon when you feel good about your body and want to embrace all the changes. Shoot for around 30 weeks to take maternity photos in a bodycon dress. Since it is a shape that clings to your body, you can go with any color you like!

Peek-a-boo Outfits

Isn’t showing off your belly kind of the point? Maxi dresses that part in front or tops that can be pulled up will make it easy to flash a bit of belly skin. A button-down shirt can also be left open on the bottom half for some photos of the baby bump, then buttoned up for other shots.

Baby Gender Reveal Photography Packages

When having a baby, you want to make sure you record every step of the way, especially if it is your first child. By starting with the announcement or gender reveal, you can involve everyone you love and have a beautiful record of the whole journey.

Yes, we’ve done tons of baby reveal photoshoots! Our gender reveal photographers are familiar with all the best spots and pregnancy announcement poses.

Find the Best Pregnancy Announcement Photographer

Local Lens has gender reveal photographers that specialize in pregnancy and baby announcements in over 200 cities around the world. Find your city to see pricing, compare portfolios, read customer reviews, and check date availability:

What is included?

The pricing includes photoshoot planning and time with your gender reveal photographer, photo editing, and an online gallery. You’ll get a private online gallery of all the photos from the gender reveal photoshoot, and you can choose your favorites to download. There is also the option to purchase all the photos at a nominal fee. The online gallery can be shared with everyone in your group.

  • 30-minute to 2-hour photoshoot package with a gender reveal photographer
  • Private online gallery with all the best shots
  • 15-60 digital photos included (beautifully edited & high-res)
  • Receive your photos within 5 days of your photoshoot



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