Your branding is so much more than a nice logo. It is a visual representation of YOU, and there is no better way to get that across than by hiring a photographer for personal branding photography. Your online persona, the content you publish, the voice of your blog, and the style of your photos tell your brand’s story, and the number one thing you should invest in when creating a blog, website, or Instagram account should be the photos. This is where social media & branding photography packages come in.

Luckily, our branding photographers are experts in this field and are happy to share with you ideas and tips for a social media photoshoot for Linkedin, Instagram, or Facebook. The professional photos will help you to:

  • Communicate your intent
  • Attract your ideal audience
  • Encourage them to purchase your product, follow you, or join your mailing list.

Below we’ll cover photoshoot ideas, how to get professional headshots, personal branding packages, and some of the best photographers to hire for the job!

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Find PERSONAL BRANDING Photographers In Your City

Get Personal Branding Inspiration

You likely have some ideas on how you want your photos to look, and you might even have some locations or outfit ideas in mind. That’s great! Thinking more about these details before setting out on your search is key to making sure you hire the right personal branding photographer.

What are your personal branding photography #goals?

Creating and publishing photos for your online brand is more than just a personal branding photoshoot, it sets up your brand for success. First, you need to have a clear intent for your photos. Are you launching fresh or are you rebranding? Are you launching a new ebook, course, or product? Once you have these questions answered you can start designing a vision for your brand photos that will attract your dream audience.

Where are you going to use the photos?

If you are primarily going to use your photos online, we recommend you tell your personal branding photographer to shoot only landscape orientation. If you end up with a lot of portraits, most likely you will not be able to use all of them. Landscape orientation images can usually be cropped into a portrait orientation image, but portrait-oriented images cannot. Browse the web and you will see that Facebook ads and web banners are always wide.

Find your photoshoot #inspo

First, head to Pinterest for personal brand photoshoot ideas. This is key in developing your style, and your vision board will be a great tool to give to your social media photographer to reference.

Here’s a great Pinterest process to follow when trying to find your style and vision for your personal branding headshots or social media photoshoot.

  1. First, go crazy! Cast a wide net and pin tons of images that stand out to you on a secret board. This will be your starting point and will gather styles of imagery that grabs your eye.
  2. Take note of the images you love and the technical aspects of the image. Is the subject in the distance, centered or framed in a corner? Did you pin a smiling headshot looking at the camera for your Linkedin profile?
    What about a photo from the waist up, looking to the left in surprise? What props are others using?
  3. Think about your personal style right now, and delete the images that don’t match it.
  4. On the same board start gathering your color scheme. If your brand already has a color scheme, look for photos that echo the same colors. If your brand is fresh and about to be launched, think about what your brand represents and find colors that correspond to your energy. Red is motivation and initiative, blue is peaceful and relaxed, green is fresh and eco-conscious, yellow is fun and lighthearted. Research color theory and look at other influencers or brands you love and draw inspiration from them. Your color story will help you decide your outfits later!
  5. Create a new public board with the top picks from your secret board, and prepare to share it with your personal branding photographer.

Prepare for a Personal Branding Photoshoot

Every brand, blogger, and influencer has a signature style. This is why it is super important to find a personal branding photographer that matches your vision and captures the essence of your business, blog, or profile in a way that feels authentic to you.

Write Down Your Shot List

At this point you’ve brainstormed and had tons of fun on Pinterest, it’s time to get serious about your photos. A shot list is what photographers and videographers call a list of must-have photos, frame by frame. Think about your ideal shoot locations that will resonate with your dream audience and build a shot list.

Here is an example shot list for personal branding photography package:

  • Wide shot, dress twirling, simple color background.
  • Wide shot, portrait centered at the bottom of the frame, in front of colorful graffiti.
  • Medium shot of me from the waist up, holding a cup of coffee.
  • Wide shot sitting on a step or curb, urban background.
  • Portrait headshot, centered, surrounded by tropical plants.

To ensure branding photography success, share this list with your personal photographer in advance so that they are well prepared for your shoot and can get exactly the look you are going for.

Outfit Ideas for a Branding Photoshoot

Coming up with outfit ideas doesn’t have to take forever. First, dig through your closet and pull every item that matches or compliments your brand colors. Next, find accessories you love that express your image. Create 1-3 outfits that scream YOU! Don’t wear a blazer unless you always wear one, don’t go shopping for something that is just trendy on Instagram right now, and don’t force an outfit that is uncomfortable. You want to be comfortable, confident, and authentic – and the way you feel in your outfit will reflect in your photos, no matter the pose.

Best Poses for Social Media & Personal Branding Headshots

It can be tricky to get that perfectly posed shot that looks unposed. Again, how you feel in your own skin will reflect in the photos so wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Take 30 minutes to relax before your photoshoot so that you don’t seem tense in the photos.

You need a variety of branding poses for your social media or professional headshot photography package. The best way is to go back to your Pinterest board or another influencer you love and gather some pose ideas. Now, practice them! Get dressed in your photoshoot outfits and stand in front of a mirror. Experiment with different poses, finding your favorite angles. It’s true that everyone has a ‘good side’!

A good personal photographer will have plenty of branding and pose ideas, but practicing the poses will make the photoshoot go a lot smoother. The smoother your personal branding photoshoot goes, the better your images will turn out and you’ll get MORE great images since you were so well prepared.

Use Props

Shop for or find items around your home that you can use in your photos. A laptop and a cup of coffee is a classic and popular prop for personal branding photography ideas. There are tons of ideas out there – leaves, flowers, sunglasses, a leather jacket, books, a notebook and pen, an umbrella, art supplies, balloons, a camera, a funky chair or stool, or even your cat or dog!

Find a Personal Branding Photographer

Now you are equipped to rock your photoshoot and get amazing photos to share across the web and social media. You’ve gathered your vision, made a list of must-have shots, planned your outfits, practiced your poses, and found your props – the last step, find a photographer!

Look for a branding photographer that has done similar shoots

Personal photographer styles can vary greatly, so make sure you find one that has done past photoshoots that mirror the style you are looking for. Ask for examples from past shoots and don’t be afraid to ask a bunch of questions such as the format of the photos, the amount of retouching the photographer usually does, and the equipment the photographer uses.

Show them your vision board, and ask for some location suggestions. If you are doing a personal branding photoshoot on your vacation, your photographer will be the best source for photo spot ideas to get the vibe you’re going for.

Don’t be afraid to splurge

Consider social media branding photography packages as an investment. The general rule is you get what you pay for, and that can’t be more true with a personal photographer. Experienced branding photographers will have the talent and experience to back up their rates, while amateurs just starting out will have lower rates to help build their portfolio. Thankfully, there is a happy medium and we’re here to help you find that perfect photographer for your Instagram photoshoot or professional headshot photography package.

See PERSONAL BRANDING Packages & Pricing

Branding Photography Packages & Pricing

We’re happy to help you find a personal branding photographer to hire so that you can get those dreamy Instagram photos, professional headshots, or the perfect photography package that will define your brand. Contact us below and we’ll send you an email with some great portfolios and package options for your photoshoot.

We can help with any of the following types of photoshoots:

  • Social media photoshoot
  • Entrepreneur portraits
  • Blogger photography package
  • Personal branding photoshoot
  • Professional headshot photography

Compare Branding Photographer Portfolios

Select your city to compare personal branding photographer portfolios, read customer reviews, & check availability for your dates. No credit card required! For more information, simply contact us below.

Personal Branding Photography Packages & Rates

Our rates vary from city to city to guarantee the best prices for our personal branding photography packages. Choose between 4 different photographer rates that range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. The high-resolution photos are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days.

See personal branding photographer pricing for your city here. Every photography package includes:

  • EXPERT PHOTO EDITING: All photos are edited for light, color, and sharpness to make your photos gorgeous. Advanced beauty edits are available upon request and but may incur a fee.
  • QUICK TURNAROUND: Receive your photos within 5 days of your personal branding photoshoot, but usually sooner!
  • LOCAL TIPS: Your personal branding photographer also acts as an informal tour guide with all the best photo spots and local secrets for what to see, eat, & do in town.
  • WEB RELEASE: You’ll get permission to share your images across all your platforms.

See PERSONAL BRANDING Packages & Pricing


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