What to See, Eat, and Do in Venice

Tips from a Local

We asked our local photographers to recommend the top things to do, eat, and see in Venice! See our list below for some travel tips and local recommendations.


Everyone dreams of a Venetian gondola ride. You might not realize how expensive they are! A 30 minute ride starts at €80. But don’t let the high price tag keep you from doing it! It is totally worth it! You might be able to pair up with other couples there and split the cost if you are on a budget. It may be a touristy thing, and way overpriced, but you will be so happy that you did it!


Make sure to wander around the streets near the Grand Canal so you can soak in the view. There is a quiet spot behind the Basilica, which is fantastic for photos! While walking, let yourself get lost and revel in all that is Venice. The stunning architecture and gelato stands are beckoning!


You’ll likely visit San Marco Square during the day, but be sure to go back in the evening. It will be much less crowded than it is during the day, and most of the cafés have live music playing romantic Italian music.


Your photographer can give you great local recommendations for where to eat in Venice. One of them our photographer Claudia recommends is Osteria Antica Adelaide, a cute hole in the wall that’s hidden away in the Cannaregio area. Antica Adelaide is an old osteria serving authentic fare with menu items you won’t find at every other restaurant. Pasta is made fresh, and they request that at least two people order a dish in order for them to prepare it. Be ready to share some super fresh pasta!


Where the Belini all began! Harry’s Bar opened in the 1930s and is known for its creation of the bellini. This place has an impressive line up of celebrity sightings. Stop in for a refreshing Belini before a stroll on the canal or a gondola ride, and cheers to being in Venice!








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