Best Spots to Eat, Drink and Play in Prague’s City Center 

Ah, Prague. This Eastern European destination is gaining popularity fast, but is still relatively unknown to many travelers who have yet to extend their reach beyond Western Europe. Those who have yet to enter the Czech Republic are sorely missing out. Prague is a world-class destination with a unique history and culture. From the castles to the beer, there’s fun to be had at every turn. But what is there specifically to do in Prague’s City Center? Yes, you know to visit the famous bridges and scenic viewpoints, but here are our top picks for spots to eat, drink and play, after you’ve seen some of the tourist sights. 



Best Spots to Eat, Drink and Play in Prague’s City Center 


City Centre is made up of several neighborhoods, including both Old Town and New Town. While you’re in Old Town, make sure that you seek out the trdelníks. These pastries are basically rolled dough (think doughnut) with spices and sugar that are cooked over a fire. They’re extremely tasty and you’ll smell them before you see them! 

Additionally, around Old Town Square (note, around, not within), you can find a slew of traditional Czech restaurants that are actually underground. Situated in cavernous rooms dating back to the 1100s, these restaurants serve up classic Czech fare. Just look for signs that say “Cellar Restaurant” and you’ll be pointed to your options.


In Old Town, there’s a popular spot called Týnská Bar & Books, where the atmosphere is more or less quiet, and you can enjoy classic cocktails, nice whisky and even cigars. The cozy watering hole has an old school vibe that’s top notch. 


For some low-key play after hours, revisit Old Town Square. The crowds are lessened, the streets are lit by lamplight and there’s often some live music courtesy of a street performer or two. It’s the perfect spot to stroll, chat and plan your next day’s adventures in Prague. 

Wherever you choose to eat, drink and play while in Prague, make sure you capture all your favorite moments on camera. Make it easy, with a Local Lens photographer to not only make some local recommendations for the best spots to go, but also snap spur-of-the-moment photos of you and/or your traveling companions. There’s only so much a selfie can do, after all. 




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