Getting a photoshoot together as a couple can be daunting and the thought of posing for a photo may even seem like an awkward experience – no matter how long you have been with your significant other. But with the right photographer, a couple photoshoot can be fun and relaxed, and certainly not awkward.

Below we’ll cover some fun couple photoshoot ideas, simple couple photo poses, and couple photography packages & pricing.

Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Coming up with romantic, fun, & unique couple photoshoot ideas can be difficult, but that’s why you’re here reading this! Whatever your location, you want to know what to expect before you get there. Is it more crowded at certain times of the day? How’s the sunlight? Do you get perfect golden hour moments in the early evening, but is the lighting atrocious in the early morning thanks to some ill-placed buildings?

The main thing anyone needs to do in a photoshoot is to relax. Being tense will show up in the photos no matter how hard you try. Here are some ideas for your couple photoshoot that will make you forget you are even being photographed.

Fun Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Before you start, think about what makes you a couple. What do you have in common? Use those ideas to come up with a theme for a fun couple photoshoot idea. Such as:

  • Play around with different angles. Lay on the floor with your photographer above you. Maybe one of you can try some gymnastics moves and cartwheels with your partner supporting you.
  • There is nothing more memorable than a romantic weekend getaway with the one you love. You could do something really special and surprise your significant other with a photoshoot during your vacation or trip abroad. It’s as easy as working a couple photoshoot into your vacation itinerary. It guarantees a backdrop just as romantic as the two of you, and just as unique!
  • Mad about football or another sport? Support your team or have fun playing your favorite sport yourselves. You can get some great fun shots when action is used.

Unique Couple Photoshoot Ideas

No one wants the same photos as everyone else. So no matter why you are getting a couple photoshoot done, you want it to be unique and different:

  • Experiment with perspective. Imagine having one of you further away than the other and have fun pretending one of you is a giant.
  • You don’t always need to have your entire body or face in the picture. Why not have the focus on holding hands or linking feet. Walking away shots are also great.
  • Using a theme gives you a chance to have fun and relax so the posed shots will come naturally.

Creative Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Being creative doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. In addition to the ideas mentioned in the unique photoshoot ideas, why not:

  • Use props. Go back to the idea of finding that thing in common and use a prop from that. Utilizing balloons or water can also add another dimension to your photoshoot.
  • Perhaps you like the Marvel franchise or you both are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Why not dress up as your favorite characters and reenact scenes from your favorite moments. Themes are a great way to get creative.

Couple Photoshoot Poses

Posed photos are good for prom, not so much when you’re displaying your love to the world. It may seem hard to come up with authentic & romantic couple photo poses, but it really isn’t that hard once you stop thinking so much about it. When you work with a professional photographer on location, you and your sweetie can enjoy just being in a beautiful location with your favorite person, and let the local photographer do the rest. They’ll be able to recommend some great couple photoshoot poses that can be fun & romantic. Whether it’s a flirtatious look or a quick kiss, they’ll catch just the right moments.

No matter the type of photos you want from your couple’s photoshoot, the most important thing to do is to communicate how you want them to turn out to your photographer. Make sure you decide as a couple what you want to get out of the photoshoot and then discuss it with your photographer before you get started. This way you every one is on the same page.

Here are some suggestions for poses that stand the test of time and will make your couple photos show how much you love each other.

Romantic Couple Poses

Romance and fun go hand in hand and there’s no better way to display all the fun you have with your significant other than in amazing photos! When thinking about couple photoshoot poses, it is better to just let loose, let your hair down, and let your photographer worry about all the technical details. When you see the resulting portraits, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Hand holding with a sunset background not only softens your pose but the option of making the pose a silhouette is also there. During this pose, you can also use water for reflection shots (if you are near water) or shadows to create a beautiful and unique shot.
  • Nothing shows how much you love each other than embracing your loved one during your photoshoot. One possibility is to have one persona look at the camera while the other looks down. The shot could be taken from behind where the pose is with one arm behind each other’s back. As long as you are touching and staying close, your shot will be romantic.
  • Use your hands or arms to create a love heart shape. This can be in a silhouette shot or as part of the foreground. Depending on your background and lighting, your photographer will determine the best way to take this pose.

Simple Couple Poses

Keeping it simple goes a long way in your photoshoot. No fancy moves. No props. Just you, your partner, a well-coordinated outfit and great lighting. Consider poses such as:

  • Sitting back-to-back looking at the camera.
  • Full body, face on to the camera with a simple handhold. Add a head lean to your partner’s shoulder to add a bit of cuteness.
  • Walking away from the camera holding hands is classic and simple and your photographer can have a lot of fun with the lighting.

Casual Couple Poses

There is nothing more casual and relaxed than a couple being themselves. Forget your photographer is there and the poses will come naturally.

  • Act like kids! Chasing each other and laughing is cute and casual and can create some wonderful shots.
  • Give each other a genuine hug or kiss. Just like you are at home, coming back from a day at work. Having those real moments is what real beautiful shots are made of.

Couple Photoshoot Packages & Prices

A romantic photoshoot can be just the right thing to celebrate any loving relationship, whether you’re celebrating a year of dating or 50 years of marriage. Capturing your love on camera translates into beautiful momentos you can cherish forever.

Whether you are traveling or capturing pictures close to home, Local Lens can help find the right photographer for your couple photoshoot. Easily check availability for your desired date, check portfolios and reviews, and book the shoot in one place:

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What’s included in my couple photoshoot package?

With every photography package, you’ll get high-resolution graduation pictures that are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. You’ll get a ton of shots to choose from!

How much does a professional photographer cost?

We made photography packages for couple photoshoots that are easy to choose from. Choose between:

  • 30-minute Mini Session – 15 digital photos
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