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Prices for photoshoots vary based on the city, and the rates shown are competitive with the local industry. You wouldn't want to pay the same price for a photographer in the UK as you would for one in Guatemala. This dynamic pricing sets us apart and makes sure you are getting a great value on a vacation photoshoot.

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To change your shoot inquiry date, you will need to create a totally new inquiry from your account. In your account, click the "Create New Shoot" button in the menu, fill out the new details, and click Save. This will send out the new details to the photographers. Go to the Shoots section of your account and you will see the new inquiry there.

Our photographers get swamped with inquiries every day, so if an inquiry is not booked within 5 days, it clears from your account and you will have to create a new inquiry.

Photos are usually delivered within 5-7 business days. The photographer will professionally retouch your photos according to his or her professional judgment and skill, and will upload them to a private online gallery for you to choose & download your photos (.jpg format). You’ll also be able to purchase additional photos and prints if you wish to do so.

Yes! Photos are retouched for light, color, and radiance.

If a photographer has responded to your request saying that they are available on your requested date(s), then they will be able to do your photoshoot any time of day that works for you. Typically, we recommend photoshoots to take place in the earlier morning or the early evening, when golden hour is at its best and people on the street is less. Popular time slots tend to be anywhere between 7:30am - 10:30am and 4:30pm - 7pm.

If a photographer has any sort of time restraints on the day/dates you requested for your shoot, they will make those time restraints known so that you can book accordingly. If they did not mention any time restrictions, then you are free to book your shoot on the day you prefer.

When booking your shoot, you will be given the opportunity to select the time of day that you prefer. Your photographer will take this into account when setting the exact time and meeting point after they receive your reservation. After you reserve, you will be able to talk with your photographer directly to confirm the details and make any changes you might need to your reservation.


If your photographer is free on your date, book it! The exact time and meeting place will be easily set directly with your photographer after your photographer receives your reservation. 

The best times for lighting are typically in the morning or the early evening. Depending on the time of year this can be anywhere from 7:30am-11:00am and 4:30pm-7:00pm on a clear day. These are the very sought after ‘golden hours’ that give that warm romantic glow to photos. We suggest avoiding anytime between noon and 2pm.

This is something that is up to you when you book your shoot. Your photographer can let you run free and capture it all candidly, or you can have a more directed photoshoot where they tell you how to pose for each shot. You can also do a mix of both!

Most people book a one hour photoshoot. It seems to be the perfect amount of time to capture your vacation memories with a variety of backdrops, although we usually recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for larger groups.

If you have made a booking with Local Lens and you are not able to attend, you can request a refund. Our conditions of refund are:

    • Full refund, at least 3 days in advance
    • If you cancel less than 72 hours before the shoot, we will honor a 50% refund
    • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the shoot, or do not show up to a shoot, there is no refund

We suggest booking at least one week in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate any last minute bookings, but to ensure you get your preferred date, time, and photographer, we recommend booking at least 1-3 weeks in advance. Peak times (such as weekends or holidays) usually require even more time in advance to assure availability.

Of course! Once you select your destination and inquire, you can view all of the photographers in that city, browse their portfolios, and select your favorite.

Our team has hand-picked local photographers in the best travel destinations around the world. Every listed photographer has been through our application process and they have been pre-screened for quality, value and service in order to ensure you always have an exceptional experience with Local Lens.

The photos will be high-resolution, retouched, and delivered in a free downloadable gallery. Before the photoshoot, you can talk to your photographer and talk about your vision or the style of photos you would like to get. You can even tell them if you prefer candid or posed shots.

The number of photos delivered in your final gallery depends on the package you select (e.g. 45 photos are included in the 90min package), but you’ll have the option to purchase additional ones if you wish to do so once your photos are delivered.

The photoshoot package you choose comes with a set amount of included photos. You’ll be able to purchase additional photos or prints if you wish to do so once you receive your galley.

Any extra retouches that go beyond lighting adjustments and overall photo appearance will be an extra fee per photo. Extra retouches include skin smoothing, blemish removals, hair retouches, body edits (specified by the customer), and background item removal.

In the case of bad weather, exploring the city under the rain can be very exciting, and it will make for great photos (trust us!). If the weather is too unbearable, you can coordinate with your photographer to re-schedule or we can offer a refund.

All of our packages are time-based. If you plan on having 6 or more people attend the shoot, there is a 1 hour booking minimum. For groups with more than 12 people, we usually recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for the photoshoot... but the number of people in your party is ultimately up to you!

All packages are bought as a single session, which means the time cannot be split. If you would like to have a photoshoot on two different days, you would need to purchase two separate packages (one for each day).

While we would love to provide all of the unedited or raw files, the real magic happens during the editing process. It can take dozens of shots, adjustments, and poses to get the perfect set of photos for your gallery. We want you to get the best photos possible, and to do that takes time, careful selection, and skilled editing that is all included in the price you pay for the photo services. Think quality vs quantity. Don't worry though; your photographer will upload more than the amount of photos included in your photo package so you can pick your final set of photos. If you feel there is a certain photo or pose that is missing, we’ll be happy to look into it for you! 

RAW files are the digital negatives and require special software and technical expertise to turn them into finished products. Delivering all the RAW files from a shoot is extremely uncommon since it mis-represents a photographers work if a raw photo is shared across networks versus a fine-tuned stunning photo. For these reasons we usually advise against giving out RAW photos, unless the photographer you choose is fine with it.

Request a city here! We have contacts all around the world that may not be listed on our website yet.

We offer pre-wedding photoshoots or casual photo sessions after a wedding ceremony. You can even bring your wedding dress to your vacation photoshoot; it is a great idea for an anniversary trip or honeymoon photos! Unfortunately we do not offer photography services for wedding ceremonies or receptions.

When you book via Local Lens, you are protected under our Terms and Conditions.

To safeguard your interests, Local Lens holds on to your payment after your booking. Payout to the photographer will only happen once photos are delivered. We’ve also built many safeguards into Local Lens to help keep your information secure, and we’re constantly improving. To be protected by Local Lens, ensure that you’re paying and communicating only through Local Lens.

During checkout, all major international debit and credit cards are accepted and we’re compliant with PCI requirements. Your information is safe with us!

You have the right to use the photos for personal use, so please share them, print them, and hang them on your wall! Your photographer and Local Lens retain the copyright of the photos. We would love to show off your amazing photos in our portfolio, but if you prefer to keep the photos private, just let us know.

They are! All the pictures you see on our website are from vacation photoshoots completed by our photographers... no stock photos here!

Marriage Proposal Questions

We offer a Surprise Proposal Packages because having photos that capture the special moment is priceless.

There are two ways to plan your proposal shoot:

  1. The photographer would be hidden, capture your moment paparazzi style, and then introduce themselves for some engagement photos after
  2. You could tell your loved one that you booked a photoshoot for some photos, and then propose during the photoshoot at the planned place.

Our team will help you with the planning, offer tips & suggestions, and provide a map on where to stand for the best photos possible. You can also order extras such as flowers, champagne, or sometimes a musician!

Proposal photoshoots should be booked at least a week in advance, if there is availability. Proposal photoshoots require advance planning, so the earlier the better!

Please book with an idea of the location or how you like to propose. Our photographers capture the moment, and are not proposal planners. We can suggest locations based on an idea you have, but we cannot come up with ideas for you out of the blue. It is your proposal, and it should be special and reflective of you!

Before your shoot you will be able to communicate and plan all the details with your photographer.

You will get the starting time, the spot the photographer will be standing, and the route plan.

Flowers and champagne can be picked up by the photographer in advance for an extra fee. The photographer can also place the flowers in the spot you plan to propose, to mark your place and surprise him or her.

Prices for shoots vary based on the city, and the rates shown are competitive with the local industry. This dynamic pricing sets us apart and makes sure you are getting a great value on a vacation photoshoot.

For quick 30 minute shoots, you can expect the moment to be captured, and 1 or 2 shots of you both together afterwards.

For 60 minute and up shoots, you can expect the moment captured and then an engagement style shoot to capture all the glow and joy of your new engagement.

For a rush fee, the photographer can deliver 1 great photo from your proposal as a sneak peek for you to share with friends and family.

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