10 BEST Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette Party Ideas & Activities

You could go to Las Vegas or New York City… or you could really go all out and take the bride-to-be to the best beach in Mexico for bachelorette parties: Puerto Vallarta! We know planning a Puerto Vallarta bachelorette party isn’t easy. Take a moment, a deep breath, and put aside the tasks of decorations, party favors, and itinerary for a moment. At this moment, think about what really matters here, under all the glitter and champagne.

Below we’ll cover some of our favorite Puerto Vallarta bachelorette party ideas & activities:

Bachelorette Party Activities in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta bachelorette party will be one of the few and final times that the whole gang is together! As we get older and get married, start families, and move to other cities, our lives get busier and families take up more of our time, so there is less time and likelihood of coordinating a big group trip with friends. So soak it all in! Below are all our favorite bachelorette activities in town.

Rent a Boat

There is no better place to appreciate the beauty of the region than sitting on the deck of a boat. Feel the fresh sea breeze in your face and the wind in your hair while you enjoy the beauty of Banderas Bay. There are multiple Puerto Vallarta boat tour operators and private charters to go on snorkeling trips, booze cruises, sailing tours, and more.

Book a Bachelorette Party Photoshoot

The bride and her best girls enjoying their last hurrah, frozen in time. Don’t forget a moment of this amazing time with some of your favorite people in the world! Plan a bachelorette party photoshoot with a professional photographer and then present the bride with the photos as a gift she’ll cherish forever. If you’ve been looking for the perfect bridal shower gift idea, this is one that can’t go wrong. Check out our post on the top 3 photographers to hire in Puerto Vallarta and choose between 4 different photo packages:

  • 30 minutes – Includes 15 digital photos
  • 1 hour – Includes 30 digital photos
  • 90 minutes – Includes 45 digital photos
  • 2 hours – Includes 60 digital photos

Get $15 OFF your bachelorette photoshoot with our special promo code: VALLARTABACH10

Booking a photoshoot in Puerto Vallarta for a bachelorette party is the best way to make sure everyone is in the shot, and you will have a bunch of frames to pick from to make sure you all look gorgeous.

We suggest taking photos when the group feels that they look good. You know that feeling – you all just got ready to go out to dinner, hit the pool, or enjoy a bottomless mimosa brunch. Capture everyone when hair and makeup are fresh and before any debauchery begins. We recommend around 10 am or 7 pm, but a photographer will give suggestions.

Baby Sea Turtle Release

Season: June – December

For some wholesome bachelorette ideas, go to a baby sea turtle liberation ceremony at one of the volunteer-run camps. The area’s coastline is one of the most important breeding grounds for multiple species of sea turtle, and Bandera Bay’s preservation program ensures that sea turtles will thrive for years to come. The staff claims an average of 60,000 baby turtles are released each year! Check online for release times as they change every day depending on availability.

Learn to Surf in Sayulita

One of the most fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta is learning to surf. Surf season is between November and March because the North Pacific swells hit around that time. There are a few spots on the northern part of the bay with surfable waves like Bucerias, San Pancho, or Sayulita. This may sound like a more adventurous idea, but surfboard rentals are very affordable and can be rented by the hour or for the entire day.

There are tons of surf schools along the beach, so ask around for prices until you find one you like. I’m sure one of the hunks that give surf lessons would be more than happy to teach the entire bachelorette crew!

Playa Sayulita is the most popular surf spot in the area. It is an adorable hippie paradise, but it can become overrun with tourists during the high season. Therefore, if you’d like to try somewhere else, San Pancho is another nearby town that can be a great stop to stroll through cute shops and spend the day on the beach.

Hike to Las Animas Beach

For a more adventurous bachelorette activity, we highly recommend doing a hike! There are tons to choose from since Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. Our favorite hike is about 20 minutes north from Downtown. It starts at Boca de Tomatlan and goes all the way to Las Animas and Quimixto.

This beautiful hike follows the coastline and there are a lot of beaches along the way (including Playa Colomitos, Mexico’s smallest beach), so you can stop and take a dip to cool down whenever you want. The route is safe and well-labeled by locals. At the end of the trail, there are a bunch of local restaurants to choose from. Afterward, you can hike back the same way, or simply grab a water taxi.

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Puerto Vallarta

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Book a Beach Villa

Find a place to stay that fits the style & budget of your group. If you really want to splurge, consider hiring a personal chef, mixologist, or even mobile spa & massage services for everyone!

Have a Spa Day

Nothing says a bachelorette party like a spa day! Leave your cares at home and enjoy a pampering spa treatment while on vacation. Puerto Vallarta has a large selection of excellent spas, including some world-class resort spas, as well as top-notch day spas.

Go Skydiving

This is a great idea for anyone wanting to experience their first tandem skydive. Imagine a 20-minute flight with the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Sierra Madre Mountains, and then jumping out at 12,500 ft with the entire bachelorette party! The team at the Skydive Vallarta dropzone has over 12,000 jumps and over 20 years of experience.

Party in Old Town

During the daytime walk down the boardwalk, El Malecon. For some great shopping with the girls, cross the swinging rope footbridge to the Cuale River Island & Market to buy all kinds of Mexican crafts and souvenirs. Keep walking south through Old Town and the Romantic Zone until you reach Los Muertos Pier, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most iconic landmarks. The views from the end of the pier are great so be sure and have your camera ready! Also walk down Basilio Badillo Street in the heart of the Romantic Zone which is filled with art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

If you are looking for party ideas, the heart of Puerto Vallarta nightlife is El Malecon. It totally transforms around 9-10 pm when all the clubs and bars start to open. There are dozens to choose from, so just walk up and down the boardwalk until you see one that you like. Better yet, do some bar hopping! The clubs almost never charge a cover fee, so you can easily jump back and forth between multiple bars. If you wear some matching bachelorette party outfits, expect to have the red carpet rolled out for you! The clubs love to give special treatment to bachelorette parties, so feel free to flaunt and show off the bride-to-be!

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