Best Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas, Activities, & Packages

We know planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party isn’t easy. Take a moment, a deep breath, and put aside the tasks of decorations, party favors, and itinerary for a moment. At this moment, think about what really matters here, under all the glitter and champagne. As we get older and get married, start families, and move to other cities, our lives get busier and families take up more of our time, so there is less time and likelihood of coordinating a big group trip with friends. So soak it all in!

This bachelorette party will be one of the most fun and memorable days of your life. Not only is it a celebration of your last night out as a “single” gal, but also as the opportunity to relax after all the stress from wedding planning. Below we’ll go over some of our favorite Las Vegas Bachelorette party ideas and a great way to immortalize the epic weekend.

Best Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since everyone seems to be so much busier than before, coming up with Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas and deciding on something everyone will like can be difficult. Unless someone has some extra time to organize it all, we would suggest looking for bachelorette party weekend packages or pre-organized activities so the whole group can relax on the day, while someone else worries about what is happening next. Here are some stress-free ways to celebrate before your big day.

Go on a Food & Drink Tour

Food and drink tours are some of the easiest Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas to do. With so many different companies out there, you are bound to find one that suits every need of your guest and in the location you need.
With a food and drink tour, your transport is included so no one needs to worry about driving. Safe and stress-free. Some tour ideas include visiting wineries and distilleries, where you can taste or sometimes even make your own blends. Food and drink tours normally include stops where local produce can be bought or tasted and a lunch stop. Everyone is guaranteed to have fun and be taken care of for the day.

Rent a Private Boat

There are plenty of private charters and party boat packages that can be perfectly suited for a Las Vegas bachelorette party. They come with a skipper and often with a drinks package. By adding some fun bachelorette party game ideas while you are sitting and sipping on champagne altogether, you are guaranteed an entertaining party. Consider renting a private boat or package that cruises the water at sunset. Not only is this fun and starts the night off really special, but it will make for great photos.

Book an Amazing Airbnb

Hotels separate everyone into individual rooms, and your party areas are shared with the whole resort. We say go for a super cute Airbnb with enough space for all to have a good time. There are so many amazing places to rent out there and so many are perfect for a girls weekend away for your Las Vegas bachelorette party. Rent a place with a jacuzzi, pool, bedrooms for all – you name it!

Just because you have rented an Airbnb doesn’t mean you will need to cater for yourselves. Consider hiring catering for the weekend or a personal chef. Why not even make an activity out of it and book a cooking class you can do at the Airbnb.

If you can find a house with a great patio, a view, or a pool even better! Think about how you’ll decorate the place and make sure there’s space or a spot for cute photos of the bride and all her friends.

Have a Spa Day

Everyone loves a spa day. With so many wonderful venues to choose from with a variety of packages, you are bound to find one in your chosen bachelorette party location. Consider merging a Spa Day with the Airbnb you have booked and make a weekend of it or find a Spa that has all-inclusive packages for a real weekend of pampering and relaxation before your big day.

Order Custom Swag and Goodies

Make the Las Vegas bachelorette party weekend more special by customizing favors for your guests as a thank you. You can make goodie bags yourself but there is nothing stress-free about that. Check out ETSY or other online businesses that can customize a bachelorette bag or box; for the whole weekend or as a thank you.
Consider items that go with your theme for the party. Nautical items for a boat trip. Personalized face masks for a weekend away. You can even add some fun (and maybe a little naughty) items in there to give it a real traditional bachelorette theme.

Hire a Professional Photographer

The biggest stress with any party is making sure you capture the special moments. As you get carried away with having fun yourself, you will naturally forget about that one job.

Even in the day of cameras on phones, you want to make sure guests are also having fun (and not using their phones to hide away from joining in). Make your bachelorette party a phone-free event. Not only will your guests interact more, but you can also make sure any embarrassing moments are NOT caught on camera.

Hiring a professional photographer allows those special moments to be captured without the need for the guest of honor to NOT be in the photos (as they are the one taking them). A professional photographer can also make sure group shots and candids are taken, without the awkwardness of asking for photos. It will be more spontaneous and the end results will be more natural and a true record of how wonderful the occasion was.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Photoshoot Packages

A Las Vegas bachelorette party is an epic story y’all will never tire of telling, so it definitely deserves better than selfies! Capture it with a photoshoot that you’ll look back on for years to come.

We are no strangers to the fact that Instagram has totally upped our bachelorette party photoshoot expectations. So, if you want to get awesome pictures of your bride tribe together, you’ve come to the right place. Booking a photoshoot in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party is the best way to make sure everyone is in the shot, and you will have a bunch of frames to pick from to make sure you all look gorgeous.

We suggest taking photos when the group feels that they look good. You know that feeling – you all just got ready to go out to dinner, hit the pool, or enjoy a bottomless mimosa brunch. Capture everyone when hair and makeup are fresh, and before any debauchery begins. We recommend around 10 am or 7 pm, but a photographer will give suggestions.

Best Bachelorette Photoshoot Spots

  • Bellagio Fountain & Strip: Strike a pose at the Bellagio Fountain and then walk along the city’s famous boulevard.
  • Paris Hotel & Casino: A great central spot on the strip, here you’ll find some of your favorite Vegas photo spots.
  • Red Rock Canyon: Incredible desert scenery waits for you at Red Rock Canyon.
  • The Neon Museum: Neon graveyard is where the classic neon signs went to retire, but you can take some amazing photos here.

Sometimes the best poses look candid, but aren’t! The key to group photos is letting everyone show their good side (we all have one), creating a dynamic look, and take a ton of photos to get one where everyone looks great. Make sure your outfits coordinate a little bit and that the bride stands out, and you’ll be ready to shoot! Our top 5 bachelorette party pose ideas are:

  1. In a line, walking towards the camera
  2. Backs to the camera, holding each other
  3. Hugging, look at the camera
  4. Candid, laughing together
  5. Each person gets a photo with the bride

What’s included in the bachelorette package?

After your photoshoot is booked, you will be able to plan and coordinate with your photographer directly. Meet on shoot day, and have a blast taking photos and feeling like celebrities with a private professional photographer.

With every Las Vegas bachelorette package, you’ll get high-resolution photos that are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. In your gallery, you will be able to see all the photos from the photoshoot and get to download a certain number of your favorites, depending on your package. The online gallery can be shared with everyone in your group.

How much does a Las Vegas bachelorette photographer cost?

We have photographers on our team that specialize in Las Vegas bachelorette party photoshoots. Check out our list of the best photographers to see pricing, compare portfolios, read customer reviews, and check date availability.

A print of the favorite group photo is an awesome gift for the bride or party favor for the group. We partner with professional labs all across the country and provide top-notch quality at a price that compares to Shutterfly or Walgreens.


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