Designate ‘Bride Snappers’ for the evening

Disposable Cameras

Yes, everyone has a smartphone nowadays, but how about a little throwback fun? Buy a bunch of disposable cameras for the evening and have the maid of honor collect the cameras at the end of the party to have them developed and made into an album.

Online Shared Albums

Not into the old school camera idea? Set up an official bachelorette photo album for everyone to add their personal shots of the weekend. It is really easy (and free!) to share individual photos or albums by email or with a shareable link. We like to use Google Photos, iCloud or Amazon.


Create a Party Playlist

Yes, this may not be photo-related, but music is a big part of our lives! We think it is a great idea to document the party with the perfect music playlist that you can play over and over again whenever you want to re-live the moments of that weekend. Set the mood from start to finish by including preparty songs, a couple of high-energy songs to start the night, your all-time favorite girly songs, and a few chill tunes for the next morning. If you want to go old-school again, make a CD copy for everyone, or simply create a collaborative Spotify playlist that everyone can re-play whenever they want to relive that unforgettable night.


Order Matching T-shirts

Do you have a tropical destination planned with the crew? Or maybe just a staycation with a movie marathon, popcorn, and wine? Whatever the celebration style, there’s a shirt design out there for you. You can purchase already made shirts (there are tons of cute ones out there already), or do something custom – come up with your own message (e.g. Haley’s Entourage) or have a funny photo of the bride screen-printed on them!


Have a Bachelorette Party Photoshoot

The bride and her BFFs enjoying their last hurrah, frozen in time. Don’t forget a moment of this amazing time with some of your favorite people in the world! Plan a bachelorette party photoshoot and then present the bride with the photos as a gift she’ll cherish forever. If you’ve been looking for the perfect bridal shower gift idea, this is one that can’t go wrong.

Hiring a professional photographer is really the best way to capture the day. To really spice it up, give the shoot a theme and encourage everyone to dress up. A couple of themes we have loved over the years have been old-Hollywood glamour dresses, boho-chic with flower crowns, or a beach photoshoot with matching swimsuits. Check out a few of our blog posts below for some other ideas that people have done.

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