If you’re reading this then it seems you’re looking for the best vacation proposal ideas – congrats! What an exciting time in your life! The folks here at Local Lens love to capture marriage proposals; they’re always so romantic and beautiful. Whether you’re planning a private sunset beach engagement, a proposal among family and friends, or something else entirely, we can help to make sure everything goes perfectly for your big day! Planning an engagement in a different city can be a challenge. We can offer the best vacation proposal ideas & suggestions for the most unique proposal spots in town.

Best Way to Propose on Vacation

We don’t need to tell you but a proposal is a big deal and something you both will remember for the rest of your lives. The first thing you need to do is to prepare for the best way to propose while on vacation. This is very important as you need to come up with something unique that will make them happy. What kind of romantic proposal do you want? How do you pick the day to pop the question? Do you want to propose on your anniversary or their birthday? Or would you prefer something more personal and spontaneous like throwing a party to celebrate your engagement? The best way to make your surprise marriage proposal successful is to be creative. Apart from planning the entire scheme of the surprise proposal, you should also do some groundwork on the part of your spouse in advance. 

From making sure your photographer has the correct time and location to dressing the part and securing the ring, the details are crucial! Will you need any props, special lighting, etc? Your engagement can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like– but being unprepared is a sure recipe for disaster! Don’t underestimate everything that can go into the perfect proposal– but also remember to relax and have fun with it!

There are many ways to come up with ideas for your marriage proposal that can be done on your own. A little bit of research on Google goes a long way, especially if you plan on proposing in a city you have ever been in. Write down all your ideas It is best to work on your idea and general game plan before contacting a professional to help you out. If you want to get a surprise marriage proposal that will give you the best experience of your life, you need to get a head start on your planning. You need to do some research so that you are prepared for anything. Here are some ideas that may help.

Creative Vacation Proposal Ideas

Will there be a proposal theme? What will it include? How will it be executed? Once you have given some thought to the theme and included the things that make you unique from other engagements, it is time to write down some ideas. Look at different sites online where you can find vacation proposal ideas for your engagement. Don’t worry if they don’t offer everything that you are looking for. The idea is just to get you started and to see what other ideas might be useful.

Consider planning it around another photo-worthy event. This is a great idea if you’re nervous about spoiling the surprise. Perhaps you’re already planning a nice vacation with your soon-to-be fiance; use this as an opportunity to hire a photographer and then – SURPRISE – you can pop the question under the guise of a fun vacation photoshoot!

Find the Best Proposal Spots

What’s your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite place in the world? If you know they’re in love with New York City or that they’re a beach bum through and through, consider having your proposal photo shoot in one of these destinations. Picking a spot that’s special to them will only make your proposal that more memorable and will leave you with eye-catching photos.

Before you start looking for the actual location, it may be a good idea to do some research into places that you and your significant other have visited or would like to visit someday. You might also be interested in a certain place that you know that they have only dreamed about, or at least wanted to go there. Is it going to be something exciting like a trip, tickets to a concert or a theater performance? Or perhaps you want to surprise him with a special gift.

There are plenty of marriage proposal ideas that can be used on your own and if you take the time to do your research, you may find many more ideas than you can handle. Remember to use the information wisely. You don’t want to feel rushed into something that you may not feel is right.

Keeping it a Surprise

Try putting into google: “signs he is going to propose on vacation“. You’ll see tons of blogs filled with the possible signs that their boyfriend or girlfriend will be proposing on their vacation. You don’t want them to suspect anything, so you’ll have to be extra careful!


Who Should Know The Plan?

Whether it’s just one or a whole bunch, letting someone else in on the secret can help to ease any stress that you’re probably feeling right now! This friend can serve as a distraction to whom you’re proposing so that you can sneakily create the perfect moment. Of course, you want to choose someone who is absolutely reliable and dependable– you can’t risk them spilling the beans!

The amount of surprise that you add to your photoshoot will differ according to the type of person you’re (hopefully) marrying. Are they the type that likes to be prepared, every hair in place, any time anyone whips out a camera? Or could they care less about that and more about the heart-stopping romance of a situation? If the former, maybe ask your photographer to wait until after you’ve popped the question to start snapping photos. Then, your new fiance can be clued into what’s going on. If the latter, the photographer can begin snapping photos before you pop the question from afar, without drawing attention.


The K.I.S.S. Principle

We really like the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep it Simple, Soulmate. Many simple yet extraordinary proposals are truly surprising and probably even more memorable. Also, the simpler the plan, the fewer things that can go wrong, and you will be much less stressed. So how does one go about creating a simple plan to propose? 

Surprise marriage proposal ideas can include things such as inviting them to a party that you are throwing, inviting them to celebrate your anniversary, or even just telling them that you know that you will make them happy. Having fun is key when it comes to creating successful vacation proposal ideas. Make sure that you keep in mind that when your future wife or husband gets a bit excited, they will become very emotional, and they may or may not like the idea of being surrounded by other people.

How to Dress

You want your sweetie to already be dressed to impress, right? So make some fake plans that will require the kind of look you’re going for. Even if you’d like your proposal photoshoot to be casual, you still want to look your best, even if that’s just a stylish sweater and jeans.

The best way to appear romantic and elegant during your marriage proposal is to dress up nicely and use the occasion to look your best. Of course, you should also look your best when you are thinking about how to propose. However, do not try to show off, or try to be anything that you are not.

It is also worthwhile to study some simple poses for the engagement photoshoot so that you two lovebirds look amazing in the photos.

Hiring a Secret Proposal Photographer

Everyone hires a professional photographer to shoot their wedding ceremony and reception, but nowadays more and more people are hiring photographers to capture the moment of their marriage proposal. Adrenaline will start to rush the moment you reach for that ring, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with emotions… so much so, that some people can’t even remember their engagement moment. Hiring a secret photographer for your proposal will allow you to capture and relive that moment again and again.

Still deciding whether or not you should hire a photographer? This is what we’re here for! While you may be tempted to cut costs and set up a self-timer, a tripod, or something else, things can (and do) go wrong at the moment. A stranger could walk in front of the camera, you may forget to press “on,” or your partner may become suspicious if you’re acting strangely! You’ll want to hold onto these engagement photos for life; don’t risk having them ruined by outside factors.

The best part is being able to surprise your fiancee with an album that has the magical moment perfectly captured. See just what you can do when you partner up with a professional photographer in a breathtaking destination, for a surprise proposal that could never result in anything other than an enthusiastic “yes!”

  • A local photographer can provide expert advice and vacation proposal ideas for the best photo spots, timing, and lighting.
  • Use your proposal photos for your save-the-date cards or even at your wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Even if your closest family and friends were not present for the actual moment, they can still share in the excitement by seeing the beautiful photos from that day.

The Big Moment

Get the best marriage proposal photos by having the photographer hide nearby at a comfortable distance. They will capture your big moment candidly to keep the surprise! If you are proposing in a city you are not familiar with, a local photographer will know all the best spots for you to pop the question, the best time to go for crowds and lighting, and where they can hide out while they wait for your arrival. You can even discuss a secret signal so that the photographer knows exactly when to start snapping.

The Post-Proposal Glow

The post-proposal glow is a thing. After you pop the question, you can reveal that you had a photographer capturing the entire proposal. You and your fiancee will be extremely happy and excited, so it’s the perfect time to capture engagement photos. If you are looking for engagement picture ideas, there are plenty of places you can turn to. You can search online, go to art galleries, and even look through magazines. You will find that the internet is a great place to start and you should be able to find pictures that will be just what you are looking for.

Engagement shoots often last around 1 hour or longer and while it might seem like a fairly short photoshoot, it can still help to give your photographer the opportunity to capture a moment or theme that you may have never seen in your entire life. You can take advantage of a couple of different venues that may interest you during your engagement shoot, but you must ensure that you include a place that you love.

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