What to See, Eat and Do in Marrakech | Tips from a Local

Morocco’s tourism has been growing by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to North American travelers. However, Morocco and its primary city of Marrakech is still considered foreign and exotic to many travelers who’ve never been. Thankfully, we’ve put together some of the best things to see, eat and do while you’re on your Marrakech vacation! Want to capture it all on camera? Our local Marrakech photographer can help with that, too.




See, Eat and Do in Marrakech

Go Shopping

If you’ve been flipping through photos of Marrakech on your phone as you prepare for your trip, you’ve likely seen a lot of the beautifully vibrant shots of Marrakech marketplaces. You can’t miss one of the most unique shopping experiences of your life, as you haggle (which, yes, is acceptable) over the city’s famous spices, oils and fragrances. Out of all the spices available, saffron is particularly famous, but make sure you’re buying the real thing; some try to pass off cheap imitations.

Calm Down

As the shopping is as unique as the country, so are the spa experiences. Visit a hamman, which is a traditional bath house that is found not only in Morocco, but also Turkey and other parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Take along your own towel and don’t be shy about getting down to your skivvies and trying out the sauna and pools. 

See Some History

One of the most popular historic spots in Marrakech are the Saadian Tombs. A mausoleum used in the Middle Ages, it was lost to mankind before being discovered again in 1917. Beautiful mosaics and marble adorn the walls, floors, ceiling and just about everywhere else you look. 

Chow Down on the Local Cuisine

All this sight-seeing and exploring will make you hungry! Try b’ssara for breakfast, a savory soup served with bread. Enjoy just about anything cooked in a tagine, the traditional clay cooking pots with a cone lid, that you can spot pretty much anywhere, perfectly simmered dishes bubbling away inside. You likely already know coucous, but you probably haven’t seen it this way — served alongside stewed meat and vegetables and possibly a bowl of buttermilk. 

Whatever your Marrakech itinerary, make sure you don’t miss a thing, by capturing it all on camera as our Marrakech vacation photographer shows you around this magical city. 




Captured by Local Lens Vacation Photographer in Marrakech, Morocco – Amine

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