Four Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Marrakech

Exotic, vibrant and colorful, Marrakech is a beautiful city that lends itself to spectacular photos. However, trying to get the right shot in all of the chaos, crowds and hubbub can be a little bit difficult. After all, with the traffic and the tourists, not to mention the locals, it can be hard to focus on the stunning surroundings. 

Take a beat and look for the lovely architecture and artwork at every turn. Better yet, bring along a local photographer that can not only show you the best spots for remarkable photos, they can take the photos of you in the moment as well. 

These are the four most photo-worthy spots in Marrakech. 



Four Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque 

You won’t be able to miss Koutoubia Mosque even if you tried. This huge structure — the largest mosque in Marrakech — is a lovely ever-present cultural symbol on the Moroccan sky. While non-muslims are not permitted to enter the building, visitors of all religions surround the place of worship for photos in the gardens and outside the walls. 

Ben Youssef Mosque 

This is one religious structure you can enter, regardless of your faith. Originally an Islamic religious school, the halls students once roamed are now open to the public. This stop is an easy one to add to your itinerary, as it’s nearby the Museum of Marrakech; just try to come earlier in the morning so that you beat the crowds. The tile work and placid pools are absolutely gorgeous. 

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is another Marrakech spot that you’ll want to visit earlier in the morning, if you want a bit of seclusion away from the tourist hordes. The architecture, artwork and gardens are all perfect backdrops for some unforgettable photos. 

Medina Souks 

Famous for many a reason, the Medina souks are a must-visit even if you’re not snapping photos. The tightly crammed vendors push their range of wares, from exotic spices to handmade clothing items, and it’s all a busy, vibrant wonderland of bright bursts of color. As you would anywhere in Morocco, make a point to ask permission before including any locals in your photos. 

Don’t let the opportunity to capture stunning photos of your trip to Marrakech pass you by. Whether you’ve visited this increasingly popular city many times over or you’re new to its wonders, a Local Lens photographer can show you the city through the eyes of a photographer, leading to photos of your trip that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 




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