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Each photo package includes a set amount of photos. Browse your gallery and pick your favorites to download! You’ll receive the full resolution file without any watermarks.


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Share your gallery with your contacts by email in one click. You can also post your photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest directly from your gallery!


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Choose from tons of add ons like extra photos, prints, canvas and wall art, and more! Make the most of your photos with our various photo products.


Ready to capture your love on your next vacation?


Can I see examples of the photographer's work and portfolio?

Of course! Once you select your destination and submit an inquiry, you can view all of the local photographers in that city, browse their portfolios, and select your favorite.

How early should I hire my vacation photographer?

We’ll do our best to accommodate any last minute bookings, but to ensure you get your preferred date, time, and photographer, we recommend booking at least 1-3 weeks in advance. Busy periods (such as weekends or holidays) usually require even more time in advance to assure availability. If you are wanting to gift a photoshoot, contact us for more information.

How long should my photoshoot be?

Most people book a one-hour photoshoot. It’s the perfect amount of time to capture your vacation memories with a variety of backdrops, although we usually recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for larger groups.

How many people can join my photoshoot?

All of our packages are time-based. If you plan on having 6 or more people attend the shoot, there is a 1 hour booking minimum. For groups of more than 12 people, we recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for the photoshoot. However, the size of your party is ultimately up to you!

Can I receive all of the unedited or RAW photos?

If the photographer agrees, receiving RAW files could be an option. However, the real magic happens during the editing process. It can take dozens of shots, adjustments, and poses to get the perfect set of photos for your gallery, and that is all included in the price you pay for the photo services.

RAW files are digital negatives, and require special software and technical expertise to turn them into beautiful, polished photos. Delivering all the RAW files from a photoshoot is extremely uncommon since it mis-represents a photographers work when compared to a finely-tuned photo.

How do I hire a marriage proposal photographer?

Having photos that capture that special moment is priceless. Our team will help you with the planning and offer local tips & suggestions. Our photographers can even suggest some surprise proposal ideas if you need some help. You can also order extras such as flowers, champagne or, sometimes, even a musician!

Marriage proposals require a 1 hour minimum photoshoot time. For more information on how it works, click here!

Can I hire a photographer for my wedding or bridal photos?

Local Lens is not a service designed to capture weddings or formal bridal photos. However, we do offer pre-wedding photoshoots or casual photo sessions for after a wedding ceremony. You can even bring your wedding dress to your vacation photoshoot… it’s a great idea for an anniversary trip or honeymoon photos!

What is your refund and rescheduling policy?

Our conditions for refunds are:

  • Full refund, at least 3 days in advance
  • If you cancel less than 72 hours before the shoot, we will honor a 50% refund
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the shoot, or do not show up to a shoot, there is no refund.

In the case of bad weather, exploring the city under the rain can be very exciting, and it will make for great photos (trust us!). If the weather is too unbearable, you can coordinate with your photographer to re-schedule or we can offer a refund.

Can I split my time between multiple days?

Unfortunately, the entire photoshoot must take place on the same day. If you would like to have multi-day photoshoots, you will need to book a separate photoshoot for each day you would like captured.