Capturing Their First Vacation as a Family in Florence

Exploring the City with a Florence Vacation Photographer

We were traveling from San Fransisco for a family holiday. Our son was finally an age where it is not terrible to travel so we booked our tickets for Florence! While traveling with a 2-3 year old might not be everyone’s idea of paradise, we had a great time on our photoshoot. It was a joy to travel with our son because it was like seeing everything for the first time, but amplified times a thousand. He was fascinated with everything! And that made it that much more fun for us. Sure he threw his fits, but at the end of the day the trip brought our family closer together. We loved how the photos captured some of the candid moments, I’m sure Laura had to sort through a lot of weird faces as we tried to get our son to sit still or look at the camera! But she got captured those split second moments where we were all looking, smiling and not blinking. I love these photos and am so glad we did the shoot. He might not remember this vacation but I’m so happy he can look back on what a fun baby he was to travel with.”





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