Bangkok Photoshoot: 5 Best Photography Spots You Shouldn’t Miss


Bangkok’s beautiful scenery is perfect for snapping photos — you’ll hardly be able to put your phone away! But after you’ve gotten all the Instagram shots of spectacular temples and night markets you can handle, who’s going to be there to get some photos of you and your family?

A professional Bangkok photographer and local will know just the best backdrops for what are sure to be some of your new favorite family photos. Capture all the love, laughter and memories of your Bangkok vacation as they show you around the city, taking you to the most photo-worthy spots for the photo shoot experience of a lifetime.

While the photo options are endless, there are a few favorite iconic photo spots in Bangkok that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Here are some of our insider favorites.



Iconic Photo Spots in Bangkok

Wat Pho

One of the oldest, largest and most popular Buddhist temples in this Thai capital is Wat Pho. Built in the 1500s it features a huge figure of a golden reclining Buddha. This particular attraction is worth a spot on your list even if you don’t get a photo there! However, for prime photo-snapping, make sure you arrive early. Your vacation photographer will know all the right angles to get as much of this huge Buddha in the shot as possible.



The Grand Palace

Another popular landmark (not only in the city but in the entire country!), The Grand Palace is filled with intricate architectural details that’ll take your breath away. It’s pretty much impossible to get a bad shot here. Of course, you’ll want to get there early to this one, too, to dodge the tourists, but if you can stop by, it’ll be well worth your time.


The Markets

Bangkok’s marketplaces are positively lovely, no matter which you choose to visit. The hustle and bustle, colorful wares and hordes of people will make for a visually interesting backdrop for your vacation photos (and we can guarantee you’ll have the most buzzed-about family portraits on the cul-de-sac). Whether you choose the vibrant flower markets or the canal-filled floating markets, you can’t go wrong with either.



Wat Arun

Another photogenic temple, Wat Arun is a great focal point for your photos, whether you’re up close and personal to the detailed temple or it’s just gracing your backdrop. You could spend hours exploring all the painstakingly crafted temple finery, but don’t dally long — you’ve got more photos to take and more of Bangkok to explore!



Somewhat surprisingly, one of the most interestingly photogenic spots in Bangkok is Chinatown! The busy streets are filled with colorful signage and vendors and there are so many angles to choose from. You could easily plan a Bangkok vacation photo shoot for this neighborhood alone and come back with endless photos to choose from.



How to Hire a Bangkok Photographer

Whether you’re a busy family or a traveling couple on a weekend getaway or even a solo traveler, a vacation photographer in Bangkok can help you immortalize your favorite vacation memories, with eye-catching photography packages you just can’t capture all on your own. Start planning your Bangkok vacation shoot today!


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Captured by Local Lens Vacation Photographer in Bangkok, Suri

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