4 Best Things to do in Puerto Vallarta for a Girls Trip

Travel is a great way to bring friends closer, strengthen bonds and just have a great time with people that you love. A girls’ trip can create memories that last a lifetime. In order to make sure everyone in your group has a fun (stress-free) experience, choosing a destination in the Caribbean is a smart move. One of our favorite destinations for a girls’ trip? Puerto Vallarta.




Don’t Pack the Itinerary

Everyone travels at different speeds. Maybe you like to go, go, go, with a detailed itinerary that maps out your every waking moment. Maybe your friends would rather go with the flow and see what happens. Whatever your style, ease up on the itinerary and leave some space for everyone to move at a comfortable pace, while still seeing and doing everything you want, and leaving room for spontaneous adventures. 

Get Off the Resort

It can be tempting to stay on the resort during your entire trip. After all, there’s everything you could ever need — all the food, fun, drinks and amenities right at your fingertips. But if you leave Puerto Vallarta without seeing the sights beyond the resort, you’ll regret it. After all, why travel to a new and exciting place if you aren’t going to actually see it?

Try Something New

Get out of your comfort zone a little! When you and your friends are discussing activities to add to your itinerary, make sure everyone’s wishes are heard and you’re all doing something suggested by someone else — even if it requires you to get a little uncomfortable. You’ll be glad you tried something you might not, were you traveling by yourself or with your spouse. Go snorkeling, go to that club, visit the museum. 

Remember Every Little Detail

Girls trips are a luxury, not a given. If you have the chance to go on one, commemorate it with an activity that’s sure to leave a lasting memory — a girls’ trip vacation photoshoot. A local Puerto Vallarta photographer will take you and your friends to the perfect backdrop and capture your friendship in real-time. Beyond all the fun selfies and Instagram stories, you’ll love looking back at some professional photos of you and your girls at your best. 

Need even more inspiration for your vacation photoshoot? Check out this super-fun girls trip Puerto Vallarta photo session.





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