Bahamas Photography Spots: 7 Best Photo Places in Nassau

If you’re headed to the Bahamas this travel season (as you should), you’ll soon discover that there is so much more to these multiple islands than resorts & water slides. Instead, you can find beautiful historic spots, pristine beaches, natural wonders, and even the random oddity or two. All you have to do is know where to look. Luckily, these photo spots are also some of the best for capturing a few family beach photos. If you’ve been looking for anniversary photo ideas, family reunion photo ideas, or even engagement photo ideas, you’ll want to check out our favorite photo places in Nassau, Bahamas below. If you are planning on a marriage proposal in the Bahamas, make sure to also check out our best proposal spots in The Bahamas.




Nassau Photo Places You Shouldn’t Miss

A Private Beach

Okay, this is likely a given, but if you’re planning vacation photos in Nassau, you have to start at your resort’s private beach. Go in the early morning, so you can get there before the crowds and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful photos that feature the white sands, aquamarine waves, perfectly blue skies, and — of course — you!



Clifton Heritage National Park

If you want something a little more natural, jungle-y and exotic, try Clifton Heritage National Park. On 156 acres, it’s on the more rural side of Nassau, but it boasts prehistoric native remains, ruins of colonial plantations, and some sculpture art. Convenient trails lead you down to what was once a major colonial seaport. The area is also home to lots of great blue herons and sooty terns.



Queen’s Staircase

Another historical spot, Queen’s Staircase is a steep limestone set of stairs with 65 steps ascending more than 100 feet. It was used in the 1700s by slaves and soldiers and now is surrounded by beautiful greenery and a waterfall. The staircase is a must on most cruising itineraries, so visit early in the morning, before the cruise ships arrive.



The Long Dock

Known simply as “the long dock,” this is the longest wooden deck in the Bahamas and is great for spotting local birds but also awesome for some above-the-water photos. With nothing but clear waters surrounding you and the shore in the distance, you’ll have paradise-worthy photos for sure.



Ready to Go?

Whether you’re wanting beautiful elopement photos, some family travel photos, or anything in between, Nassau and the Bahamas are a perfect photography spot to get just the right ones. Beyond those photo spots listed above, our local photographer can recommend even more Nassau photo spots that will fit your style and personality best.

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