Honeymoon Ideas for Your Trip to London

When you think of romantic locations in Europe, your mind probably drifts to the City of Lights, but what if you skip over Paris (after all, you want a location as unique as you) for something more authentic – London!




London Honeymoon Ideas

Get a Sense of the Place First

London is filled with romantic tales of yore, whether you prefer the drama of royal affairs or the sweet sonnets of William Shakespeare himself. Do a little digging before your trip to discover the most romantic spots in London, and then work them into your honeymoon itinerary and maybe even mention them to your local photographer, and see if you can fit them into your London photoshoot, too. 



Don’t Miss the Green Spaces

While you’ll probably want to see the top spots and possibly get some honeymoon photos in front of them — Buckingham Palace, The Globe, London Bridge, the London Eye and more — don’t forget about all of London’s beautiful green spaces, which can really add something to your honeymoon photo album, particularly if you had an outdoor wedding! (We always love it when a couple’s honeymoon photos just so happen to match their wedding photos in aesthetic and style.) If you’re not sure where to start, maybe give St. James’s Park a spin and then ask your London photographer for more recommendations.



And the Not-So-Green Spaces…

You don’t have to stick to all the posh parts of London, though! If you and your new spouse’s style is a bit more alternative and edgy, opt for some photos even at the local pub or on a city street corner. Follow your wish list for your honeymoon photos in London and you’re sure to love the results. 



Have Fun!

We can’t say it enough! Just remember to relax and have fun during your honeymoon photoshoot! All the pre-wedding jitters are behind you and it’s smooth sailing from here on out (or at least we can romantically hope, right?).



Sound Like a Plan?

Let our local London photographer show you the best, iconic sites of London while capturing the first few days of your happily ever after. If you’ve been looking for memorable honeymoon ideas, this is the place to start — with beautiful photographs that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

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