London’s Best Spot for Honeymoon Photos – The National Gallery


If you’ve been in search of honeymoon ideas, look no further! These lovebirds planned the most romantic getaway, and by the looks of their vacation photos this new union is off to a beautiful start. On the second day of their trip, they strolled through the city with their London vacation photographer, Kate, who beautifully captured their travel story.

When on a honeymoon it is just the two of you, so you may come back from an amazing trip with only selfies and photos of each other that are just so-so. Your wedding photos were taken by a professional, so why not complete the set with amazing honeymoon photos and return home with stunning photo souvenirs that no phone or stranger could provide. Try to make it through this gorgeous honeymoon photoshoot below before you start booking for your own honeymoon tickets to London!

Photographer: Kate  | Route: The National Gallery & London Center

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Kate London

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