Sometimes traveling alone can be the best way to see the world… but it can be hard to capture your trip when traveling alone. Connecting with a local photographer for solo photoshoot ideas can be the solution to your problems! You get to meet a local who’ll help capture your travel memories and offer photography tips. You’ll also get some unique insight for the city you’re visiting that only a local could know.

Local Lens has captured solo vacations in over 100 cities around the world. These photos are great sharing your trip with friends and family on social media, bloggers, or for updating a dating profile. Get inspired by some of our favorite photoshoot ideas and photography tips for solo travelers below.

Why Doing a Solo Photoshoot Is the Best Travel Idea Ever

So you’ve decided to embark on an adventure as a solo traveler? There’s something about traveling alone that we love – it’s exciting, liberating, and a haven for self-exploration. With no one else to worry about or sync up your schedule with, you are truly free to explore wherever, whenever you’d like! Some may think a downfall to solo travel is that there is no one around to share memories and capture photos with– but that doesn’t have to be the case!

Gain a Friend

By hiring a local photographer, no matter where in the world you are, you’ll essentially have a friend to venture around with for a bit! Your solo photographer will capture any fun, silly, candid, and extraordinary moments– plus, he or she can offer tips for the most picture-perfect memory-making! Use your photographer as a resource to get to know the city you’re visiting even better. Plus, they’ll have some excellent solo photoshoot ideas such as the best photo spots and the poses that work best. They may even have recommendations for local tour guides, pub crawls, etc.

Feel like a Star

Imagine browsing local markets in France, running on the beach in Spain, or simply walking the streets of Manhattan– and having a photographer with ninja-like skills there to capture every moment along the way! It’ll be like having your very own paparazzi– without the fear of being photographed doing something ridiculous, or scandalous even! Your solo photographer won’t impede your space or make you feel awkward– you won’t even have to worry about striking a pose. Just have fun and enjoy your me-time.

Epic Solo Traveler Photos

Hiring a solo photographer is no longer reserved for weddings, bar mitzvahs, or baby showers– now, more and more travelers are hiring photographers for solo photoshoot ideas and to capture moments that they would have otherwise been unable to. You’ll finally return home with epic vacation photos, instead of awkward selfies or poorly framed photos that were taken by a stranger.

Photography Tips for a Solo Traveler

We live in the age of the phrase, if there’s no picture, did it ever really happen? If you take a solo vacation, you may feel awkward asking others to take pictures of you or using a selfie stick/self-timer to capture moments. With a vacation photographer, all those worries are no more! You’ll have plenty of high-quality photos to share on social media, post to your blog, or fill your photo albums with. Solo travel no longer means you have to compromise on capturing amazing photos– you really can have it all as a solo traveler.

Hiring a vacation photographer for your solo journey doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic– it’s a fun way to document a trip that’s sure to be a memorable one! Learn more about the photographers at Local Lens today. We’d love to be there for your next solo vacation!

How Much Does a Solo Photoshoot Cost?

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