Santorini Photoshoot: 5 Best Photo Spots & Most Instagrammable Places

Santorini is known as a picture-perfect travel destination. We can just about guarantee you’ve seen this Aegean hot spot on your Instagram feed, on the cover of travel magazines or on your favorite travel blog. Everyone’s flocking to Santorini. So, where can you find the best photo spots in Santorini? From colorful villages to dramatic coastlines, here are some of our favorite photography spots for a Santorini photoshoot.





You will likely (and by likely, we mean definitely) end up in Oia at some point during your trip to Santorini, so make sure you get some good photos. This is definitely the top of our list on the best photo spots in Santorini list. Our favorite location is the domed church, with its backdrop of vibrant buildings. Don’t just snap a photo at the church and then leave, though. The cliffs, village, and windmills all make for interesting photography subjects.




Not as well known but still worth the visit, Imerovigli sits near Oia, on the coast. Capture magnificent sunrises and sunsets over the cliffs, whether you do so from your guestroom, or from a catamaran out on the water. Pay a visit to Anastasi Church while you’re in town as well, for even more blue domes.




Another popular photo spot in Santorini, Perissa is the island’s best beach destination. It’s particularly known for Black Beach, which is — you guessed it — covered in black-hued sand. The warm waters and rocky cliffs make the area not only perfect for a swim but a photo or two as well.




For a beach of another color, try Akrotiri, where the sands are red. In addition to the vibrant shore contrasted against the cyan waters, the area also offers another great photo backdrop in the form of archaeological ruins. The distinct aspects of this place make it a must-see on our list of the best photo spots in Santorini.

Wherever you find your perfect Santorini photo spot, make sure you put down the camera for a moment to truly soak in the unique, nowhere-else-in-the-world atmosphere that Santorini offers. Putting down the camera doesn’t have to mean missing out on photos, though. A Local Lens photographer in Santorini can do the work for you, capturing candid photos of your adventures in this Grecian paradise.



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