Mother-Daughter Photoshoot Ideas: Tips for Heartwarming Photos

Whether your mom is your BFF for life or you two have been apart for some time, a vacation with mom can be a fun way to make some new memories together. We’ve gathered our best mother-daughter photoshoot ideas — from vineyard-hopping around wine country, exploring Italy by train, to lounging on the beach in the Caribbean. The key is to think about what you both love and find a balance of relaxation and adventure. Read along below to get some tips and ideas for your next Mother + Daughter vacation.

Best Mother & Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Pick somewhere new.

The memories you make will be special to just you two! If you both experience a new destination at the same time you’ll bond over the experience and enjoy the memories for years to come.

Go at the right time!

If you take a mother-daughter trip every year, remember that each life stage has its challenges. Think about your ages, any physical limitations, and your comfort zones when it comes to weather. Wait until your daughter is 21 to go wine tasting in Napa, or going to Machu Picchu while your mom is still active enough to hike.

Leave the schedule open.

One of the worst mother-daughter photoshoot ideas is to try and fit it into a busy vacation schedule. Allow for flexibility so that everyone will have the chance to do what they want. In addition to this, children need naps and diaper changes, teenagers can be angsty, or if you’re traveling with an older mother, you may need to account for walking at a slower pace or not doing so many activities.

Leave any expectations at home.

Everyone has a travel mode, and when it’s turned on we behave differently and this should not be underestimated. Your mom may surprise you by hiking a volcano. Your daughter might surprise you by being open to seeing an opera. Keep an open mind and enjoy your mom or daughter for who they are and the great times you’ll have together

Get a photoshoot gift card for mom

Captured by Dorin in Florence

Best Places to Travel for a Mom and Daughter Trip

First, think about both of your styles and pick a destination that can jive with both of your interests. Culture and history lovers? Head to Italy. Resort and spa more your speed? Go relax in Cabo. Check out all our favorite places to travel for a mother + daughter trip.

Best overall mother + daughter destinations

  1. Lake Como, Italy – Shopping, relaxation, and wine – it has it all. And it is GORGEOUS.
  2. Cinque Terre, Italy – The less crowded version of the Amalfi coast with beautiful views, dining, and shopping.
  3. Tulum, Mexico – Be a beach bum, go to a spa, meditate, shop, or attend a cooking class. 
  4. Paris, France – Culture, history, shopping, wine, cuisine, and the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower.
  5. Cartagena, Colombia – Hit the beach, shop in the boutiques, dine on a rooftop, and enjoy colorful Cartagena.

Best mother + daughter destinations for relaxation

  1. Cabo San Lucas – Brunch, spa, beach, repeat. Resort life at its best!
  2. Sedona, Arizona – Spas, meditation retreats, yoga centers, and wine. The vibes are always great in Sedona.
  3. Bali – Lush rainforests, markets, playful monkeys, resorts that wow, and spas galore.
  4. Napa Valley – Some vineyards offer full tasting and lodging packages! 
  5. Bahamas – Pristine beaches, Atlantis, and swaying palm trees are calling your names.
Captured by Dinorah in San Miguel de Allende

Best mother + daughter destinations for shopping

  1. San Miguel de Allende –  Explore creative boutiques and artisan markets with handmade items.
  2. Milan – Feel like royalty in designer boutiques and trendy cafes.
  3. Key West – Rent a scooter and go to quaint shops and cute diners along the sea.
  4. San Francisco – The shopping mecca of the US. Vintage, designer, custom – you can find anything!
  5. New York City – 5th Avenue, Macy’s, and other iconic shopping destinations find their home in NYC.

Best mother + daughter destinations for adventure

  1. Hawaii – Discover waterfalls, hop to hidden beaches, hike a volcano, visit a farm, or do the hula!
  2. Colorado – Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge are great options to combine slopes with shopping.
  3. Machu Picchu – Explore Cusco, then take the train or hike the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.
  4. Ireland – Put on your kilt and explore sweeping hills and dramatic cliffs, and whisky!
  5. Marrakesh – Shop the market, taste the spices, wander the palaces, and relax in your own luxury Riad.
Captured by Dorin in Florence

Vacation Gift Ideas for Mom

Whether you are taking a vacation for her birthday, mother’s day, or anniversary, surprising mom with a gift while on a trip is a great way to express your love.

Spa day!

Treat her to a pampering spa treatment while on vacation. Book at your resort for reserve a package at a destination day spa with saunas, pools, massages, facials, and more.

Surprise excursion or tour

Surprise her with a private day trip to a historical site, a cooking class, or horseback riding on the beach, a day sailing, or an all-inclusive cabana on the beach. Think about what she would love then tell her to be ready for something fun the next day.

Dine at the best place in town

Tell her you’ve heard of a great place for dinner or brunch and then surprise her with a great meal – your treat!

Gift a Professional Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

All moms LOVE photos, and there’s no better gift than capturing your vacation together on a mother-daughter photoshoot with a professional local photographer. The photoshoots start at 30 minutes and can go up to 2 hours (enough time to change outfits!)

Book a Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

Captured by Elizabeth in Cabo

How to Take the Best Mother + Daughter Photos

You’ll end up with a lot of selfies and some photos of each other sipping wine or relaxing by the ocean, but here are some great mother-daughter photoshoot ideas to get great photos together.

3-2-1 Laugh!

Laughing while taking a photo or a selfie will create a fun and genuine effect.

Burst Mode

Not all of us are the best at taking photos, burst mode on most phones will make sure both of your eyes are open and you are both ready for a great photo. This is also perfect for that iconic jumping photo!

Compliment Your Styles

While we do love mommy and me outfits on toddlers, for adult women just try to wear similar styles while taking vacation photos. A cute top and jeans, or both wearing a dress. If one of you is dressed for a nice dinner and the other is in fanny pack tourist mode, try to coordinate so you are both wearing something on the same level.

Take a GoPro

These little cameras will fit just about anywhere in your purse, and you can record all the genuine moments and take some wide-angle selfies while on vacation. These are awesome when traveling with small kids. What we love about these is that you don’t see the photos right away, and you can enjoy the moment instead of straining to get that perfect shot with multiple takes.

Book a Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

You’ll end up with a lot of selfies, but of those how many will be perfect frame-worthy photos? We recommend booking a photoshoot so that you can carve out some time in your itinerary for amazing vacation photos, and then get to enjoy the rest of your trip at the moment instead of through your phone.

Packages start at 30 minutes and can go up to 2 hours. You can specify your must-have photos and build a photoshoot route that has the most iconic spots, and your local photographer will be happy to show and share any favorite or secret spots in town to visit after your shoot.

Book a Mother-Daughter Photoshoot


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