Downtown Palace Proposal in Dubai

The Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai is a must visit. the hotel sits just under the towering Burj Khalifa, and is a best kept secret in Dubai. Built in 2007 and inspired by traditional Arabian architecture, it stands apart from the huge Downtown skyscrapers. It feels like a secret oasis that is surrounded by the lake and a lush garden in the middle of the city. The location can’t be beat either! If you are looking for a romantic place in Dubai, the palace is surely a great option.


The Dubai Palace Hotel has some restrictions about photographers on the grounds, so you might get kicked out if seen doing a professional photoshoot – shoot at your own risk! So, how do you get photos here? During a proposal shoot the photographer will be waiting for you, appearing to be a tourist at the hotel. Once you arrive, and the photographer spots you, they will be ready to capture your proposal candidly at the Dubai palace. After the moment, you can take some more photos, and explore the surrounding areas around the hotel, like the Burj Khalifa. See the shoot below to get some ideas and inquire for your Dubai proposal photoshoot today!

Shoot Captured by Agnes

Captured in Downtown Dubai on a 1 Hour Photoshoot.

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