NYC Photography Spots: 7 Best Places for a New York Photoshoot

After hundreds of photoshoots in New York, we know all the best NYC photography spots as well as the hidden gems to get the best photos. Check out all our favorite locations that you shouldn’t miss on your next vacation!



The Iconic New York Photography Spots


Full of artists’ lofts and art galleries, this neighborhood in Lower Manhattan is full of luxurious houses, eclectic boutiques, and diners. Just walk around, and photo ops are around every corner. This is the place to get your NYC postcard-looking photo.

Brooklyn Bridge Park & DUMBO

The DUMBO photo spot (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a picturesque Brooklyn neighborhood with great photo ops of the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great photo spot with great views of Lower Manhattan, although it can get a bit crowded during the day.



Central Park

One of our favorite spots in Central Park is the Bethesda Fountain and Bethesda Terrace. The entire area is great for photo ops.

Times Square

Everyone has heard of this iconic square. It’s full of lights, crowded with tourists, and loud, but you can’t miss this photo spot!



The Best Photo Spots in NYC

Grand Central Station

Grand Central is absolutely beautiful, but it is extremely crowded… embrace it, and you can get some great photos!

Exchange Place Waterfront, Jersey City

Although this isn’t really in NYC, it is a short subway ride from the city, and it is definitely worth the views of the skyline, especially of the World Trade Center!



Top of the Empire State

Although it is a bit expensive and the lines can get a bit long, it is definitely worth checking out. To avoid the crowds, get there really early or stay late (it closes until 2am!). Click here for ticket information.

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center

Tickets range from $25-30, but the Top of the Rock offers an amazing view from 850 feet up high. The panoramic view of the city during sunset is simply amazing!



Best New York Instagram Spots


This iconic building is a great photo spot, and there is a great little park next to it to chill and have a Shake Shack burger! A great tip is to walk a bit up Fifth Avenue toward 26th Street to avoid getting crowds of people in your photo.


New York’s Chinatown neighborhood is extremely colorful and vibrant, which makes it great for photos! The energy can best be captured around dusk.



The High Line

The 1.45-mile-long park in Manhattan was built on an elevated section of an unused Railroad line. It has great views of the city and the Hudson River!

Lower manhattan

The intersection of Fulton & Nassau Streets is one of our favorites in Lower Manhattan, with a great view of the World Trade Center.


Interested in a New York Photoshoot?




Interested in a New York Photoshoot?


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