Romantic Dinner Proposal at Le Kliff

If you are looking for romantic proposal ideas in Mexico, Le Kliff in Puerto Vallarta awarded year after year for its cuisine and stunning coastal setting. You can make a reservation online at Le Kliff and let them know that you plan on doing a proposal, and request a special table. They do allow photographers, so you can capture the moment and take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop for engagement photos.

When proposing at a restaurant, you should keep in mind some of our tips so that everything goes perfectly:

  1. Ask the restuarant for help! Le Kliff will help you put the ring in a champagne glass or will help with any special requests like flowers and mariachis.
  2. Get up away from the table to propose. The scenery is gorgeous, and you want that perfect moment on one knee and with the view of the mountains and sea behind you. Grab your love’s hand and guide them to a private spot with a view.
  3. When planning with your proposal photographer, the best plan is to capture some photos before dinner with nice light and stunning views. When the moment is right, you can propose during the photo session, and the staff of the restaurant can bring some champagne to celebrate. Continue taking some photos on the property as the sun starts to set, then enjoy a private dinner to celebrate. If you want to propose during dessert, make a late lunch reservation and propose when the light is best, just before sunset, usually around 6 pm in the winter months. When you have a photographer hired for your proposal, avoid shooting in the dark as much as possible.

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