Mexico City Photoshoot: 5 Best Photo Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Mexico City is one of the most popular spots to snap photos for Instagram in the entire country. But this city is huge! How can you know the best neighborhoods and landmarks with the best photo spots? Whether you’re photographing as a serious hobby, for your blog, or just to post on social media, we got you covered.




Where are the best photo spots in Mexico City?

We’ve made the job easier for you, by picking out the five best photo spots in Mexico City. See them all with your own local guide, who also doubles as a photographer. This is perfect in case you want to get in front of the camera every once in a while. Local Lens vacation photographers capture the best moments of your trips and in the most memorable spots. These will be photos that definitely beat anything you’ve seen on the ‘Gram in a long time. 



The iconic photography spots in Mexico City

Parque Mexico

Each city has its beautiful green spaces, from Central Park in New York City to St. James Park in London. Mexico City has Parque Mexico, and it’s a photo can’t-miss, with all its water features, gazebos, archways, and colorful flowers at every turn.

Chaputlepec Castle

Chaputlepec Castle is known as the only castle in North America to ever house actual sovereigns. This happened during the Second Mexican Empire in the mid-1800s. Now, the beautiful building is the National Museum of Cultures.

Come for the museum artifacts, or just for the structure itself. Chaputlepec Castle has also famously appeared in several films, including Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, so you know it has to be romantic. Maybe that’s why it was the perfect location for this engagement shoot!



Best Instagram Spots in Mexico City

La Casa Azul

The Frida Kahlo Museum and The Blue House is a must to add to your itinerary. It is perfect for photos and just for fun, as you explore the life of one of the world’s best artists. Pre-book a visit and try to go during the earlier morning hours, so you don’t have other travelers mucking up your photos.

Museo Soumaya

An art gallery, Museo Soumaya is the place to go for a visually interesting backdrop that features an outdoor, geometric facade. The sleek, slim, and metallic building glitters in the sunlight and makes for an interesting contrast to some of Mexico City’s more historic scenery.

Palacio Postal

You’ve never seen a post office like this. Mexico City’s central post office is absolutely gorgeous. The interior features opulent marble staircases, loads of natural sunlight, and gold practically dripping from the walls.





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