Maui Proposal Ideas: Best Places for an Epic Engagement in Hawaii

Maui is a very popular place to propose in Hawaii – we help capture multiple engagements here per week! Coming up with great Maui proposal ideas and planning the details may feel like a challenge… there are just so many beautiful places to choose from and the island has so many great things to offer! But don’t let all the details overwhelm you. Whether your style is proposing while on an adventure, on casual beach walks, on a romantic picnic, in lush tropical gardens, or even snorkeling, Maui has your perfect proposal spot!

Whether your style is uber-romantic, unique and eccentric, or private and intimate, we have some great suggestions to help you pick the perfect (and most photogenic!) proposal spot. Below we list some of our favorite marriage proposal ideas, the best places to propose in Maui, as well as our tips on hiring a proposal photographer to capture it all.

Maui Proposal Ideas

We’ve helped so many couples just like you plan and capture this momentous occasion, so we’d like to think we have learned a thing or two along the way. Allow us to give you some pointers.

Your proposal moment is not the best time to wing it. You want your future fiance to feel like some serious thought went into it – it’s a big deal! You have probably already been stressing about the big moment, but take a deep breath and start with our 4 tips to pulling off the perfect Maui proposal:

  1. Choose a special location. Our favorite places to propose in Maui are listed below! You have probably already daydreamed about the big moment, and it’s important to imagine the type of proposal you want to have – romantic, intimate, adventurous, unique, or casual. Most importantly, your proposal should reflect you both as a couple. Once you have your proposal vibe in mind, you can start thinking about locations.
  2. Ensuring that your proposal remains a complete surprise is all about having a solid backstory. If you are going somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, make sure you have a story in place to explain why you are going there.
  3. Consider hiring a secret proposal photographer to snap professional photos of the special moment. Tell your photographer all your proposal ideas and goals, and they can help you plan the location, where to stand, and the ideal time for the best photos. On the big day, your photographer can be ready at the designated spot to capture the moment, paparazzi-style. If your partner has no idea that the proposal is coming, you’ll capture all the joy, the tears, and most importantly, the yes!
  4. Practice getting down on one knee beforehand and think about what you will say. You don’t need to have your speech memorized, but spend a little time jotting down what you’d like to say. Stick to an idea, not a script. Of course, don’t forget to finish with: Will you marry me?

Best Places to Propose in Maui

Choosing a gorgeous destination is a great way to start, so you are already on the right track! We see a lot of engagements every week and know the best places to propose in Maui. Check out our list below to start getting some Maui proposal ideas.

West Maui

The western region of Maui is famous for its 3-mile long Ka’anapali Beach and historic Lahaina Town.

  • Oneloa Bay (Ironwoods Cliffs): This is one of our favorite places to propose in Maui with its beautiful beach, boardwalk, and impressive cliffs. Although the beach does not have a great sunset view, the dramatic cliffs make for a picturesque & romantic proposal location! Make sure to check out the Kapalua Coastal Trail that runs along the beach’s sand dunes.
  • Baby Beach Lahaina: Gorgeous water captures without any dangerous waves or deep water.
  • Kapalua Bay Beach: This particular beach won “America’s Best Beach” in 2018 with its gentle breaking waves and vibrant marine life.

South Shore

Maui’s South Shore is known for its white sandy beaches, snorkeling at its reefs, and expansive lava fields. Here are our favorite Maui proposal spots for this region:

  • Molokini Crater: This crescent-shaped crater rises 160 ft up off the west coast of Maui. A site of spectacular beauty awaits snorkelers due to a volcanic eruption that occurred some 230 thousand years ago. Want to try to pull off an underwater proposal? Check out the pictures from one of the proposals we captured here!
  • Po’Olenalena Beach, Makena is a very popular spot for sunset beach weddings, but it is very long and expansive, meaning there is space for everyone. There are a variety of great proposal spots, but we love the Keawe grove to the right of the parking lot.
  • Palauea Beach: A beautiful, quiet, and sunset-friendly beach near Maalaea, Kihei, or Wailea on the South Shore.
  • Ulua Beach: Soft grass, charming boardwalks, golden sand, and hidden alcoves – it’s a great spot all-around!
  • Maalaea is wonderful with how it is right in the middle of the island beside the ocean. This makes it great for seeing whales and it is convenient for venturing to other places on the island. However, the winds do pick up in the afternoon, which is why the harbor there is nicknamed “the wild side”.
  • Polo Beach: Golden sand and lush vegetation make this a great beach for popping the question!
  • Wailua Falls: Iconic and popular 80 ft waterfall off a highway with a parking lot & a swimming pond.
Wailua Falls Proposal Captured by Emily

Up Country Region

Most people only pass through this area en route to the summit of Haleakala, but it has some of the best panoramic views on the island. The Kula Lavender Farm is very close to the Haleakala National Park, and offers a beautiful and romantic setting for a Maui proposal!

Hana Highway

Below we list out all our favorite proposal spots in this region of Maui that is most known for its Road To Hana drive that curves along the coastline. This district is largely undeveloped and is renowned for the lush rural scenery.

Private Places to Propose in Maui

Maybe you are looking for more intimate Maui engagement ideas? Or you may prefer something simple yet creative? Finding a proposal spot in Maui that is private, quiet, and intimate can be challenging, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Private picnic in a quiet area of a park.
  • Cater a private dinner and celebration at a luxury Airbnb.
  • Rent a scooter, motorcycle, or maybe even a boat to cruise around until you find the perfect engagement spot.
  • Book a private table at your restaurant of choice and get help from the staff to pull it off.

How to Hire a Maui Proposal Photographer

The moment you reach for the ring, adrenaline and emotions start to kick in and you might not even remember the moment! Hiring a secret Maui proposal photographer for your surprise engagement will allow you to capture and relive that moment again and again.

Your marriage proposal is a story you will never tire of telling, so it definitely deserves better than selfies! Capture it with Maui proposal photography that you’ll look back on for years to come.

How does a proposal photoshoot work?

Before choosing a photographer, we recommend having some Maui proposal ideas in mind first! There are two ways a proposal photoshoot usually happens:

  1. Hire the photographer for a “normal” photoshoot with your partner, but let the photographer in on your secret proposal plan! This is the best way to ensure the photographer captures the moment perfectly, usually at a closer distance and better positioned.
  2. The photographer can be waiting at the designated spot to secretly capture the moment, paparazzi-style. After the big moment, the photographer can introduce themselves and proceed to capture that post-engagement glow.

After your photo shoot is booked, you will be able to plan and coordinate with your photographer directly.

What’s included in a Maui proposal package?

With every proposal photography package, you’ll get high-resolution engagement photos that are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. In your gallery, you will be able to see all the photos from your proposal photoshoot and get to download a certain number of your favorites, depending on your package. It also includes:

  • one-on-one planning with your proposal photographer
  • photos of the big moment and post-engagement
  • private online gallery
  • high-resolution photos that are professionally edited
  • photos delivered within 5 days

How much does a Maui proposal photographer cost?

We have photographers on our team that specialize in capturing proposals and engagement photoshoots. Check out our list of the best Maui proposal photographers to see pricing, compare portfolios, read customer reviews, and check date availability.

Below are our 3 different Maui proposal packages & pricing:


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