We Love This Beautiful Cherry Blossom Proposal Photoshoot

Kan, our professional vacation photographer in Tokyo, knocked it out of the park during this proposal in Tokyo. See what Alexandra had to say about proposing under the cherry blossoms!


I decided to do the proposal in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan. We don’t have a lot of nice photos together, mostly selfies or photos where we both make a weird face. I wanted our special moment to be captured so we could hang a physical representation of our beautiful memories on our wall later :)! The photographer, Kan, knew of my plans to propose during the photoshoot and he was very helpful in picking out a great location and arranging for a meeting point and a secret phrase. It was VERY cold (10-11 degrees and I was wearing a short sleeveless dress) but we managed to create some beautiful photos together!

Shoot Captured by Kan

Captured Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on a 1 Hour Photoshoot

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