Cartagena Bachelorette Party Ideas & Photoshoot Packages

We know planning a Cartagena bachelorette party isn’t easy. Take a moment, a deep breath, and put aside the tasks of decorations, party favors, and itinerary for a moment. At this moment, think about what really matters here, under all the glitter and champagne.

The bachelorette party is one of the few and final times that the whole gang is together! As we get older and get married, start families, and move to other cities, our lives get busier and families take up more of our time, so there is less time and likelihood of coordinating a big group trip with friends. So soak it all in!

This is why these photos are so important, and we are no strangers to the fact that Instagram has totally upped our bachelorette party photoshoot expectations. So, if you want to get awesome pictures of your bride tribe together, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips to get epic bachelorette party photos that make for excellent party favors and is a sure-fire way to make sure the whole group is captured in a beautiful and classy way (and those not-so-classy photos can remain between the crew for future inside jokes).




Best Cartagena Bachelorette Party Photoshoot Spots

We suggest taking photos when the group feels that they look good. You know that feeling – you all just got ready to go out to dinner, hit the pool, or enjoy a bottomless mimosa brunch. Capture everyone when hair and makeup is fresh, and before any debauchery begins. We recommend around 10 am or 7 pm, but a photographer will give suggestions.

It’s all about the Airbnb vacation rental

Hotels separate everyone into individual rooms, and your party areas are shared with the whole resort. We say go for a super cute Airbnb with enough space for all to have a good time.

If you can find a house with a great patio, a view, or a pool even better! Think about how you’ll decorate the place and make sure there’s space or a spot for cute photos of the bride and all her friends.

Best Cartagena Photoshoot Spots

  • Old City: Explore Cartagena’s historic old walled city, filled to the brim with colorful colonial buildings.
  • Getsemani: If you love street art and hip cafes, this route is for you! Walk narrow streets and experience Cartagena’s up and coming Getsemani district.
  • The City Wall: Walk atop the wall for some great photos with rooftops in the distance. Combine this with Old Town for a variety of photos.
  • Cartagena Castle: Combine this spot with Gestemani! Enjoy distant views of the city and a huge Colombian flag in the early morning or early evening, it gets hot!



Cartagena Bachelorette Photoshoot Tips

We’ve all seen them – matching swimsuits or tees that make the bride stand out. Also, to avoid the “what do we do with our hands?” question in photos, get bachelorette props and decorations! Below are more of our favorite Cartagena bachelorette photoshoot tips:

Yes, get those matching outfits

Whether you like it or not, brides love it! It’s a way to make her feel even more special! You might not wear it ever again, so take our advice and do it for the photo.

Our favorite matching outfits for bachelorette parties:

  1. Hats
  2. One-Piece Swimsuits
  3. The bride wears white – everyone else in black
  4. Bomber jackets
  5. Flower Crowns
  6. Temporary Tattoos
  7. Crop Tops



Use Bachelorette Photoshoot Props

Capture the moment the bride pops champagne and everyone has a glass, or get some balloons that spell out something fun. Feel free to bring some drinks to the shoot to celebrate and help those who don’t like taking photos to relax.

  • Champagne – Always a classic
  • Balloons
  • Fun Photo Booth Props
  • Colored Smoke Bombs
  • Sparklers
  • Confetti



Bachelorette Photo Pose Ideas

Sometimes the best poses look candid, but aren’t! The key to group photos is letting everyone show their good side (we all have one), creating a dynamic look, and take a ton of photos to get one where everyone looks great. Make sure your outfits coordinate a little bit and that the bride stands out, and you’ll be ready to shoot!

Our top 5 bachelorette party poses are:

  1. In a line, walking towards the camera
  2. Backs to the camera, holding each other
  3. Hugging, look at the camera
  4. Candid, laughing together
  5. Each person gets a photo with the bride



Cartagena Bachelorette Party Photoshoot Packages

Booking a photoshoot in Cartagena for a bachelorette party is the best way to make sure everyone is in the shot, and you will have a bunch of frames to pick from to make sure you all look gorgeous.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a Date: Pick a day you’ll want to do your group photos. Pick a day where you have some flexibility and can relax the day of the shoot.
  2. Brainstorm Photo Locations: Whether it’s at the Airbnb or somewhere in town, think of a place that is convenient and will capture a vibe that the bride will love. Your photographer can help you with this after you book your shoot!
  3. Inquire & Choose Your Photographer: Submit a quick little form to check availability for all photographers in Cartagena. Once you hear back, you’ll be able to choose your favorite.
  4. Book & Plan the Shoot with Your Photographer: Submit payment and confirm the shoot date! After confirmation you’ll be able to plan the details like meeting spot and time with the photographer directly. Keep communication between the photographer and 1 person of the group, so that there is no confusion. We recommend more photoshoot time for larger groups. One hour photoshoots are ok for a maximum of 6 people. For groups of 6 or more, we recommend 1.5 hours or more.
  5. Have Fun Capturing Bachelorette Memories: Meet your photographer on shoot day, and have a blast taking photos and feeling like celebrities with a private professional photographer. You’ll be sure to LOVE the photos!


SEE Bachelorette Photoshoot PACKAGES



What is included?

The pricing includes photoshoot planning and time with your photographer, photo editing, and an online gallery. You’ll get a private online gallery of all the photos from the photoshoot, and the bride can choose her favorites to download. We recommend letting her do the final selection – it is her party after all! There is also the option to purchase all the photos at a nominal fee. The online gallery can be shared with everyone in your group.

How long is photo turnaround?

Most photos are ready within a week!

Can I purchase prints?

A print of the favorite group photo is an awesome gift for the bride or party favor for the group. We partner with professional labs all across the country and provide top-notch quality at a price that compares to Shutterfly or Walgreens.


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