5 Tips for Traveling to South America with Kids in Tow

While you might think that a South American trek requires an adventurous spirit, rest assured that just about any family can have an amazing experience when they visit this very hospitable region of the world. Latin cultures are remarkably welcoming to families, whether you’re headed to explore the Amazon, lie on a beach in Brazil or hike some mountains in Peru.

Make your trip to South America as enriching as possible, by choosing the best destinations for you and following a few well-earned travel tips. Keeping the below advice in mind will make your simple vacation a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable excursion that your family will talk bout for decades to come.




1. Do Your Research

Some families might fear certain areas of South America due to news reports or long-held travel stereotypes, but just do your research before you pick a destination. The political climates and tourism environments in each South American country can evolve over time, so a country that might have been a bit intimidating a few years ago may now have a budding tourism scene, where you can have a safe, fun adventure, for a smaller cost.

2. Practice Healthy Habits

To ensure a South American trip is fun for everyone, the entire time, practice a few healthy travel habits. Make sure you have the correct vaccinations before your trip. Instruct the kiddos in good hygiene techniques (hand washing is crucial!). Pack some bug spray and avoid street food for the younger kids with more sensitive stomachs.

3. Craft a Custom Itinerary

To truly make the experience meaningful for everyone in your family, consider everyone’s preferences and tastes. If you have a foodie, consider exploring the local markets and the national dishes, from ceviche in Peru to the coffee culture of Colombia. If your active kids love animals, treat them to up-close observations of some of the rarest species in the world, in the Amazon jungle.

4. Make Time for Relaxation

Regardless of which destination you choose throughout South America, there will be tons to explore and see and you might be tempted to go, go, go during your trip. But make time for some relaxation and family bonding as well. Schedule a day to hang out on the beach, go to the spa with your teenager or wander around your city’s parks and green spaces.

5. Capture It All

Lastly, make sure you never forget a second of your South American adventure, with family photos from a local photographer!







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