Capturing A Romantic Getaway at the Arches in Cabo

Hiring a Vacation Photographer in Cabo

Cabo is known for its beautiful arch formations. They are accessible only by boat, and sometime the associated beaches (lovers beach and divorce beach) are closed at a certain times of the year. If you are lucky, you can get photos on the beaches! If you are interested in getting photos by the arches, check this photoshoot out for inspiration!

The Photoshoot Route

The 2 hour photoshoot began at the marina, and then everyone boarded a small boat to take the trip out to the arches. They even made it back in time for some great sunset beach portraits. It’s a perfect plan for a variety of photos in multiple locations, and you can get the arches at various angles too.  Take a look at one of our favorite photoshoots from Cabo San Lucas, and Book your Cabo Photographer today!





Captured by Elisabeth in Cabo San Lucas


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