Barcelona Family Photographer: Short & Fun Photoshoot Packages

Why not take advantage of a birthday, anniversary, vacation, or multigenerational reunion to capture authentic memories with a Barcelona family photographer? It’s a great way to get everyone together in one photo while capturing the essence of what makes your group so special.

However, finding the perfect family photographer in Barcelona is a lot easier said than done. With so many out there to choose from, we’d like to give you some tips to help you prepare for your family photoshoot.

FINALLY, everyone will be in the picture and Mom will get some frame-worthy vacation photos that capture your special trip!

Things to Consider Before Looking for a Family Photographer in Barcelona

You likely have some ideas on how you want your photos to look, and you might even have some locations or outfit ideas in mind. That’s great! Thinking more about these details before setting out on your search is key to making sure you hire the right Barcelona photographer for you.

How You Will Use Your Family Photos

How will you use or display your family photos? Will they be arranged into a photo book, shown off in your home on a gallery wall, or printed on a coffee mug? The size and quality of the photos will matter, so make sure your photographer delivers photos in a high-resolution digital format so that they can be printed or shared in many places via multiple methods.

Think About Your Past Photoshoot Experiences

If you have done a family photoshoot in the past, think about that experience. What would you have improved or what did you love about it? Giving a few moments to reflect will set you on the right path to finding the perfect Barcelona family photographer.

Find Your Photoshoot Style

Every artist has a signature style. This is why it is super important to find a Barcelona photographer that matches your vision and captures your group in a way that feels authentic to you.

  • How much direction would you like? Do you like candid moments or perfectly positioned photos?
  • Do you like coordinating outfits for family photos or loosely decided color schemes?
  • Which style do you like? Soft and warm or photos with artistic positioning and bright colors?

What to Expect When Hiring a Barcelona Family Photographer

Now that you’ve considered how you’ll use your photos and you are getting a vision of your photo style, it is time to think of the prices, inclusions, and what to expect to get from your family photoshoot.

Think About Your Budget, but Don’t Be Afraid to Splurge

Photoshoot costs can vary dramatically across photographers in Barcelona. Some photographers are new in their careers and offer affordable 1-hour family photoshoot rates.

On the other hand, others have 20+ years of experience and can charge thousands of dollars for a 90-minute shoot. It can be daunting once you start to get some estimates, so it is good to go in prepared with a budget in mind.

However, it can be worth splurging on your family photos. Moments with all your people together are precious and should be celebrated with beautiful photos.

If you have a larger group, the chance of getting everyone together again can be few and far between, so don’t be afraid to go for a photographer you feel confident in, even if the cost is higher. Maybe you can even split the costs between some family members.

Know the Industry

It is important to know the industry standards before you look for your perfect photographer.

The most common photo delivery method is high-resolution digital files hosted in a private online gallery. This way you can download your images directly to your computer. Professional family photographers will deliver photos that have been edited, though the amount of editing and style will vary.

Editing is where most of the magic happens and your images are brought to life. For this reason, family photographers in Barcelona will never give any RAW unedited files. All professional photographers will grant you a print release so that you can print and use your photos as you please, as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Once you have this information from prospective Barcelona family photographers, you’ll be able to make the right decision for you and your group.

  • How much will the session cost?
  • What is included in the fee?
  • How long will it take to view and receive the photos?
  • Is retouching and color balancing included?
  • What style does the photographer specialize in?
  • What is the duration of the session?
  • Does the photographer have experience working with children?

Deciding on Where and What Time to Take Family Photos

Now that you have an idea of what you are getting yourself into, close your eyes and imagine your perfect family photoshoot in Barcelona. Where is it?

Best Photo Spots in Barcelona for Family Photos

Getting some ideas on the best photo spots in Barcelona can be as simple as viewing a photographer’s portfolio. Browse their work to get a good indication of where past shoots have taken place. Some outdoor locations will require an entrance fee or parking fees, so it is good to be prepared to cover these costs for your photographer.

There are so many beautiful outdoor locations to choose between – from lush botanical gardens to epic viewpoints. Have some ideas of the kinds of locations you like and ask your photographer for recommendations for locations.

The Best Time of Day to Take Photos in Barcelona

Equally important to the location of your shoot is to make sure your shoot is as the perfect time! Without a doubt, the best time to take photos in Barcelona is in the early morning or early evening.

Check out our golden hour calculator to see the best times for a photoshoot anywhere in the world. We are partial to the early mornings between 7:30 am and 8:30 am because the whole group starts fresh and there is less chance of other people or tourists around to interrupt your beautiful photo backdrop. Although it may be a little hard to wake up the kids, it is totally worth it.

Barcelona Family Photoshoot Packages

Barcelona family photographer costs can vary greatly. They can be hard to contact, and keeping track of everyone’s portfolios and different prices can also be difficult. For this reason, we made it easy and arranged affordable photoshoot pricing that can fit your budget. See below all our vacation photography packages.

Included in every package:

  • EXPERT PHOTO EDITING: All photos are edited for light, color, and sharpness to make your photos gorgeous. Advanced beauty edits are available for purchase.
  • QUICK TURNAROUND: Receive your photos within 5 days of your photoshoot, but usually sooner! Download your choice of 15, 30, 45, or 60 digital photos.
  • LOCAL TIPS: Your personal photographer also acts as an informal tour guide with all the best photo spots and local secrets for what to see, eat, & do in town.
  • PRINT RELEASE: Turn your digital photos into cherished prints & wall art! Use our printing partners and get FREE SHIPPING – as low as $1 USD for 4×6 luster prints.

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Best Family Photographer in Barcelona


Family Photographer PortfolioI’m Serena, an Italian photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. My roots are in a little town near Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the mountains of Northern Italy, I relocated to Barcelona to follow love and a dream. I love to create authentic images full of emotions with a creative touch. My priority is to make sure that you feel comfortable and are enjoying your time. I’d like to get to know you and capture who you are. Let’s connect and create great memories together!

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Family Photographer PortfolioI’m Jordi, a photographer born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona. My philosophy of life can be resumed on the famous message taken from Bessie Anderson’s poem “Live, Laugh, Love”. It can be applied to the things I like the most… photography, nature, people, music or food, for example.

My photography style is warm and natural. I always try to get to know my clients a little bit before the photo session in order to reach some complicity, making them comfortable with me, and ending up transforming a photoshoot in some good moments creating beautiful memories for them.

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Family Photographer PortfolioI´m Julia, a Polish professional photographer with a Colombian soul. I finished my Master’s degree in Photography and Multimedia Art in Poznan, Poland. Meanwhile, I was searching for a perfect place to stay, I lived in Romania, Indonesia, and Colombia until finally, I found my home in Barcelona. I specialized in Lifestyle and Urban photography. I love to create images full of emotions, passion, and happiness. During our photoshoot you will feel free, relax, and return with a great memory of the city that I fell in love with.

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Family Photographer PortfolioMy name is Anna. I’ve decided to follow my dreams and become a wedding and event photographer. I love my work – it’s not just about taking pictures, it’s about capturing unique moments, about people and their essence, observing, storytelling, and seeing the world not only with open eyes but also with an open heart.

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Family Photographer PortfolioI’m Anna, a Hungarian photographer based in Barcelona. I’ve fallen in love with the city and the man who carried me here almost a decade ago. It’s still fascinating, both the city and my man as well. 🙂 This is my story but I’m interested in yours! In our photo session, I’m going to take you to the most charming little corners of Barcelona to capture your adventure.

For me one of the most important to make you feel relaxed and happy in front of my camera. So before the photo session, we’re going to talk to know and understand each other better. During the photoshoot, sometimes I tell you how to move and what to do, but sometimes you don’t even realize that I’ve just taken a photo of you. I have been passionately involved in photography for 15 years, I completed my Photography Máster diploma in Budapest, Hungary. I learned and practiced analog and fashion photography, but found my real interest in portrait and wedding photography.

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Family Photographer PortfolioHELLO! I´m Katarina, Mediterranean lover, green tea addict, Latin music fanatic, Polish girl, and wife to an Ecuadorian boy in Barcelona. I have always enjoyed listening to people’s stories, years ago working as a journalist, and now working as a photographer. There is also a book I wrote about Barcelona which was published by National Geographic.

I would love to assist you during your visit to the lovely Barcelona and Catalonia, which are full of charming and romantic venues. I’m totally captivated and inspired by the stunning light and colors of the Mediterranean and by the city elegance and energy of Barcelona. I love the optimistic and sunny vibes which can be found everywhere here. My best value is my ability to connect with people and capture their real essence. ¡Hasta la vista!

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Family Photographer PortfolioHey, I’m Betina! I’m 24, from Brazil and now living in Barcelona. I have been working with photography since 2013. I found something I love doing and turned it into a profession – that’s why I give all of myself to my work. My search is for photographs that really represent me and my client, and that’s why I think self-knowledge is so important to this type of work.

I am always looking for new ideas and different ways to photograph because I believe that photographing someone is a moment that should be special and fun! Photographing comes from the soul and from the heart – all the baggage of life in every photo. It is my madness and my vision in each click.

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Family Photographer PortfolioMy name is Svetlana and I’m a photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. I’m specialized in engagement/wedding/lifestyle photography. I love natural soft light, real emotions, beautiful locations, and always try to combine them in my photography.

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