The Best Colorful Destinations for Fall Travel

Fall travel ushers in lower rates, less crowded destinations, and tons of opportunities for making great memories. Take a look at this list and some photos to get inspired for your next vacation to a place full of color! 

Best for Couples: Cartagena

Cartagena is soaked in storybook romance, and color! Old town is surrounded by bright yellow walls and flowers adorn the window boxes on houses that vary from bright pink, green blue, and orange. A vibrant graffiti scene adds yet another layer of color to this romantic Latin American destination.

Best for a Group of Friends: New Orleans

New Orleans has it all. Roam the colorful streets of shotgun houses with fun contrasting colors and beads hanging from the trees. You’ll find plenty to keep you and your friends entertained in the Crescent City.

Best for a Girls Trip: San Miguel de Allende

Adorable streets with bougainvillea growing wild, San Miguel is a dream in the heart of Mexico. Tons of shopping and top notch cocktails will keep your girls having fun!

Best for a Families: London

Surprise! London is not always grey. Red phone booths, pastel colos at Notting Hill, and the leaves turning colors in the Fall is when London takes on another form.

All Around Winner: Venice

We love the colors of Venice. The pastel colors, delicate patterns, and intricate architecture contrast against the smooth blue water, velvet covered gondolas, and sunsets that don’t quit. It’s easy to fall in love with Venice. For more color, Burano and Murano offer simple brightness to explore.

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