Christmas Proposal: Ideas For Getting Engaged During the Holidays

Hallmark Christmas movies have many dreaming of a Christmas proposal ideas. The family gatherings, the sparkle of lights, the and happiness of giving gifts. Sometimes, the gift is super memorable – like an engagement ring.

Did you know that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the most popular days of the year to pop the question? New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are next in line!

During the holidays, many people are around family, and they want to share those special moments with those they love during a joyous time without the pressures of daily life. The holidays are a time of year in which everything sparkles, and many find that the holiday glow inspires a proposal. But should you really do it?

An engagement during Christmas or the holidays may be perfect for some couples, and a total pass for others. We’re going to go over the pros and cons of a holiday engagement to help you plan a surprise proposal that suits you both.

DON’T do a holiday proposal if…

Before you start planning a big surprise proposal, let’s determine whether a Christmas proposal is right for you. Christmas brings twinkling lights, cheesy romantic Hallmark movies, and tons of booze. It’s easy to get swept away, so first ask yourself if it’s right for you and your partner.

Think twice before going through with one of your Christmas proposal ideas if:

  1. You are tight on time. Rings can take 4 to 6 weeks to fabricate, so if you only have 2 months until the big day, you might want to pay for the rush fee or choose a different date.
  2. You may want the ring back. If you are gifting a family heirloom as an engagement ring, you may want to think about the actual date you are giving this huge gift. No one ever mentions this because it’s kind of a downer –  but if an engagement ring is given as a holiday or birthday gift, the receiver is legally able to keep the ring, should anything happen in the future.
  3. You are substituting it for a gift. We understand the pressure to top the gifts we gave the year before. The desire to surprise the one we love and top last year’s gift can cause you to make a beeline for the jeweler.  If the holiday creeps up on you and you still don’t have a gift — do not solve it with a holiday proposal. A well-planned proposal on any other day during the year is better than a rushed ring purchase right before Christmas. (save on the rush ring fee!)
  4. You are unsure if your significant other wants family there. Ask yourself first, “Do they want this to be private, or do they want to celebrate with family and friends at the moment?” Don’t do a big proposal moment surrounded by family unless you are 100% sure that they will want everyone to witness the big surprise.

You SHOULD Do a Christmas Proposal If…

If you passed the last test of reasons you should not propose during Christmas, great! You are ready to see the top reasons you SHOULD do a holiday engagement.

Go through with one of your Christmas proposal ideas if:

  1. Your partner loves Christmas. Are they decorating on November 1st? Are there lights up year-round? If your significant other just loves Christmas and the holidays, then proposing during this time of year could be perfect!
  2. Does your partner love being the center of the party? Proposing during a family gathering such as Christmas Eve or Christmas morning turns the holiday into an engagement party. You will be the center of attention, and if you and your partner love the idea of a family and friends holiday celebration and engagement party all rolled into one huge ball of joy – then go for it! Just make sure everyone important is there.
  3. You know 100% that they will say yes, especially to a Christmas proposal. Yep, we went there, it has to be said. Don’t propose in front of an audience unless you are absolutely sure that they are ready to say yes. By putting them on the spot in front of family, they can’t say no or they will ruin Christmas, and no one wants that!
  4. You are ready to celebrate two holidays in one in the future. Your engagement date will be an easy one to remember, and a fun story to tell year after year.

Our Favorite Christmas Proposal Ideas

There are so many amazing christmas proposal stories. We are excited to share our favorite ideas for a memorable holiday proposal.

Photoshoot + Picnic

This is a great way to discreetly capture the Christmas proposal and take advantage of the holidays! Arrange a photographer to take “Christmas card photos”. Somewhere along the way during the photoshoot, have a picnic or romantic setting places and capture your proposal at that moment!

Use Christmas Lights!

Grab strings of lights and spell out “Marry Me”! Have a friend or family turn them on at just the right moment.

The Puppy Proposal

Want to really show your love and commitment? Cue the puppy Christmas proposal. Surprise your love with an adorable puppy, your new fur child together. Then, get a custom tag collar to read, “Will you marry me?”. We can’t think of more joy.

Tree Decorating Proposal

Ask your partner to help you decorate the Christmas tree, and tie the ring on a branch for them to find.

Christmas Tree Farm Proposal

This is a great idea and is super photogenic. You can go to the farm under the guise of a photoshoot with a Christmas card photographer, then propose when the moment is right!

Hire a Professional Christmas Proposal Photographer

Take advantage of your Christmas family vacation for professional Christmas card photography in a beautiful setting. If you travel as a family for vacation during the holidays, a Christmas Card, or a Christmas proposal photoshoot is a great way to remember your engagement by. We have professional photographers in over 200 cities!

Find a Christmas PROPOSAL photographer

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Prices vary by city! Find your city and scroll to see the pricing table. 30-minute mini sessions are as low as $150!

How are my photos delivered?

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