Best Travel Apps for Your Next International Trip

Looking to explore the world but dismayed by the lack of green in your wallet? Don’t fret! There are now plenty of low-budget options that deliver high-quality experiences! In fact, app developers are catering more and more to those looking for money-saving tips on the go. Not to mention, less money spent on travel means more money to hire a vacation photographer! So, if you’re hoping to save money on airfare, accommodations, experiences, and more, be sure to download the following 7 travel apps! You’ll find yourself coming back to them again and again with every trip you take. 



Getting There for Less

The travel apps below will help you find affordable airfare so you can see the world without breaking the bank!

Hotel Tonight

Available strictly on mobile devices, Hotel Tonight is a travel app that allows users to find discounted hotel accommodations up to seven days in advance throughout the Americas, Europe, and Australia. It’s ideal for those looking to hop on a flight as soon as wanderlust strikes! With this app, it’s remarkably easy to book great hotels at amazing last-minute rates.


Based in Boston, GasBuddy is a tech company that offers both apps and websites to help shoestring budget travelers like you find cheap gas in any area! If you’re looking to take a road trip, this app is a must-have. GasBuddy even offers a Trip Cost Calculator tool – you can input your starting location, destination, make and model of your car, etc., and it’ll calculate the cost based on current gas prices.


Need cheap airfare? Download the Skyscanner app! This award-winning travel app searches millions of flights from over 1,200 travel partners in seconds, giving you the best airfare on cheap flights to anywhere in the world. It’s no surprise that over 60 million travelers trust Skyscanner to catch their next money-saving flight deal. The app also offers insight for the cheapest days or months to fly, as well as helpful travel tips.



Get Cozy Comfort for Less

Get that five-star feeling for a fraction of the price with these nifty accommodation apps!


What began as a room-letting website in 2007, is now a multimillion-dollar household name that not only offers unique rentals but affordable experiences and restaurant recommendations as well. With the Airbnb app, you can find not just rooms but entire apartments available for less than $100 a night! Plus, you’ll connect with locals who can provide even more money-saving tips so you don’t have to spend like crazy to have a good time!


No longer do you have to compromise comfort and quality for the price! What once were known (to some) as “sketchy” places to stay, hostels are now charming, hip spots where you can meet fellow travelers over a free meal! Hostelworld is an app where you can find hostels all around the world – from Amsterdam to South Africa! Based solely on the photos and reviews, not to mention all the included amenities, you’d never guess hostel rooms could be so affordable.



Spend Less Time Spending, More Time Experiencing

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to constantly be spending your hard-earned money. Download these apps to help with tracking your expenses, among other things, so you can spend more time enjoying your next adventure!

Trail Wallet

With this app, you can organize your expenses by trip or by month, set yourself a daily budget, then easily add expenses as you go. When you get a bill or receipt, add the amount using the Quick Add screen and you’re done! Another cool feature? You can add amounts in local currencies from 218 countries!

Google Translate

If you’re going to a place where you’re unfamiliar with the local language, Google Translate is a must! Time is money and this app will save you tons of time when it comes to figuring out a foreign language. The best part? You don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it! The app translates 59 languages when you have no Internet, and over 100 when you’re connected again. Not only will it translate any text you type in, but you can also take photos of foreign text and Google will translate it for you!


Saving money while traveling has never been easier! Be sure to download the above apps and share them with friends and fellow travelers. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is where you’ll be jet setting to next– and booking a photographer to capture memories of a lifetime!



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