Booking Your Photoshoot



1. Create a Shoot Inquiry

Done! Within 24-48 hours, we will let you know which photographers are available for your dates.

Check your email for the autogenerated password created for your account. You can change your password from your settings.


2. If any photographer is available, you’ll get an email.

After any photographer is available, you can book your shoot with them.

You can send questions to your photographer before booking by clicking the ask a question button on their profile in the shoot inquiry. 

Don’t ask too many! Remember that your inquiry will expire and all details can be arranged after booking.


3. Book the date with your favorite photographer

Payment is due by credit or debit card in full at the time of booking. This saves the date with the photographer so you don’t lose your spot. 


4. Coordinate time & place with your photographer

After booking you’ll get the chance to talk directly to your photographer by phone or messaging. Details like shoot start time and locations can be coordinated after the payment step. Photographers get many requests every day, so make sure you book it to save your spot!


5. Shoot Day!

You’ll have the photographer’s phone in case of any last-minute changes. If you need to reschedule, let your photographer know. On shoot day you’ll meet your photographer for a fun experience capturing memories, and get to ask a local for any insider tips on where to eat, drink, and explore. 


6. Photo Delivery

You’ll get an email when photos have finalized processing and your gallery is ready. Even if your shoot says “Photos Ready”, they may still be processing and you’ll get an email once they are done. 




What is the price? How do I pay?

Prices vary by city. See pricing for your destination.

After a photographer is available, you can click their profile card within your inquiry, and then you will be asked to answer a few more questions before going to booking and payment.

Payment is due in full at the time of booking by credit or debit card. Your payment is held until the shoot goes as planned, and the photographer is paid after you receive your photos.


Should I tip?

Tipping is not expected but always appreciated.


When is the best time for lighting?

Early morning light is a great option. For this lighting, try to finish your shoot before 10am. 

Golden hour (also known as Magic Hour) is also highly desired. This is typically the late afternoon just before sunset. You can see sunset times for your location when booking.


How does a proposal shoot work?

After paying and booking the shoot you will be able to discuss your plan with the photographer. They will find a spot to stay hidden and capture the moment candidly. Afterward, your photographer will introduce themselves and you both can enjoy a fun photoshoot to capture the post-engagement glow. 


Are the photos edited?

All photos are professionally edited and delivered in a private online gallery where you can download your favorite photos in high-resolution jpg format. Additional files and high-quality prints from our professional partner labs are also available for purchase. You should receive an email with your photography gallery link within five business days.


How do I view the photos?

You will receive an email when your gallery is ready. Your gallery will have all the best shots, and you can pick your final favorites. For example, in a 1-hour photoshoot, you could get a gallery of 60 photos and can pick your favorite 30.


Can you do large groups?

We can! But you will want to book more time. Typically, you need at least 90 minutes for a larger group, to make sure that everyone gets group, smaller groups, and individual shots. 


Can I split the shoot time between two days?

All packages are bought as a single session, which means the time cannot be split. If you would like to have a photoshoot on two different days, you would need to purchase two separate packages (one for each day).


How do I confirm the shoot time with my photographer before I book?

If your photographer did not add time restrictions to their response, they are available for any time slot on your date. After your payment is processed, you will be able to speak directly with your photographer to coordinate photoshoot details such as the meeting spot and time.



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