Singapore Proposal Ideas:
Best Places for an Epic

Singapore Proposal Ideas

We've helped so many couples just like you plan and capture this momentous occasion, so we'd like to think we have learned a thing or two along the way. Allow us to give you some pointers.

Your proposal moment is not the best time to wing it. You want your future fiancé to feel like some serious thought went into it - it's a big deal! You have probably already been stressing about the big moment, but take a deep breath and start with our 4 tips to pulling off the perfect Singapore proposal:


Finding the Perfect Spot

Our favorite places to propose in Singapore are listed below! You have probably already daydreamed about the big moment, and it's important to imagine the type of proposal you want to have - romantic, intimate, adventurous, unique, or casual. Most importantly, your proposal should reflect you both as a couple. Once you have your proposal vibe in mind, you can start thinking about locations.

Keeping the Surprise Alive

Ensuring your proposal in Singapore remains a complete surprise is all about having a solid backstory. Discreetly gather information about your schedule and preferences to choose the perfect time and location for the proposal. Refrain from discussing specific plans openly with friends or family, and keep any physical signs of the engagement, such as the ring, well-concealed until the opportune moment to ensure the element of surprise. Don't forget to keep all digital communication secure during the planning process.

The Role of a Secret Proposal Photographer

Communicate clearly with the proposal photographer about the specific moments you want captured, such as the initial reaction or a scenic backdrop. There are two ways you can capture the moment:

Paparazzi-Style Shoot: A proposal photographer in paparazzi style discreetly captures the genuine reactions of the moment, blending into the surroundings with long lenses and strategic angles for an authentic and unposed record of the surprise proposal. To get many shots you might have to re-create the moment during the shoot, which is fun!

Book a Photoshoot and Propose Mid-Shoot: Choosing a pre-planned photoshoot allows for a seemingly ordinary session where the photographer, aware of the impending proposal, subtly guides the couple through poses. When the time is right, the proposer seizes the moment, creating a unique fusion of a professional

Preparing for the Proposal Moment

Practice getting down on one knee beforehand and think about what you will say. You don’t need to have your speech memorized but spend a little time jotting down what you’d like to say. Stick to an idea, not a script. Keep the ring secure and don't forget to finish with: Will you marry me?

Proposal Photographers in Singapore

We capture tons of proposals, so we've collaborated with our very own Singapore proposal photographers to curate a list of the most romantic and picturesque locations for popping the question. Take a look at the recommended spots below and book your shoot to capture the moment before the date gets booked up!

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Best Places To
Propose in Singapore

Choosing a gorgeous destination is a great way to start, so you are already on the right track! We see a lot of engagements every week and know the best places to propose in Singapore. Check out our list below to start getting some Singapore proposal ideas.

Our Clients' Proposal Photography Stories

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Alina was an amazing photographer and helped plan our engagement shoot very well. She's professional and very nice. Highly recommend!

– Lety

Hired for Singapore Photoshoot

Singapore Proposal Photoshoot Packages

Timeless Souvenir

The moment and the yes!



60 Minute Photoshoot

of the big moment & post-engagement

30 Digital Photos of Your Choice

Beautifully Edited & High-Res

One-on-one Planning

Collaborate with a Local

Private Online Gallery

Active for 6 months

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90 Minute Photoshoot

of the big moment & post-engagement

45 Digital Photos of Your Choice

Beautifully Edited & High-Res

One-on-one Planning

Collaborate with a Local

Private Online Gallery

Active for 6 months

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2 Hour Photoshoot

of the big moment & post-engagement

60 Digital Photos of Your Choice

Beautifully Edited & High-Res

One-on-one Planning

Collaborate with a Local

Private Online Gallery

Active for 6 months

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The above proposal photoshoot pricing is for Singapore.

What's included in my photoshoot package?

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Peace of Mind

Choose from vetted and highly rated personal photographers. Hassle-free booking and a travel-friendly refund policy.

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Expert Photo Editing

All photography is edited for light, color, & composition to make your proposal photos gorgeous.

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Local Tips

Your personal photographer also acts as an informal tour guide with all the best photography spots and local secrets for what to see, eat, & do in town.

How To Hire A Singapore Proposal Photographer

The moment you reach for the ring, adrenaline and emotions start to kick in and you might not even remember the moment! Hiring a secret Singapore proposal photographer for your surprise engagement will allow you to capture and relive that moment again and again.

Your marriage proposal is a story you will never tire of telling, so it definitely deserves better than selfies! Capture it with Singapore proposal photography that you'll look back on for years to come.

hire a proposal photograhper in Singapore
hire a proposal photograhper in Singapore
hire a proposal photograhper in Singapore
hire a proposal photograhper in Singapore

How does a proposal photoshoot work?

Before choosing a photographer, we recommend having some Singapore proposal ideas in mind first! There are two ways a proposal photoshoot usually happens:

  1. Hire the photographer for a “normal” photoshoot with your partner, but let the photographer in on your secret proposal plan! This is the best way to ensure the photographer captures the moment perfectly, usually at a closer distance and better positioned.
  2. The photographer can be waiting at the designated spot to secretly capture the moment, paparazzi-style. After the big moment, the photographer can introduce themselves and proceed to capture that post-engagement glow.

After your photo shoot is booked, you will be able to plan and coordinate with your photographer directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a photoshoot cost?

Choose between 3 different packages that range from 60 minutes up to 2 hours. All Local Lens photographers are professionals that were handpicked for quality, style, and skill. There are no separate fees for marriage proposals, but we do require a 1 hour minimum.

How do they capture it? Are they hidden?

Depends on what you want! 1. The photographer can be hidden and ready to capture the moment, paparazzi-style. Afterwards, the photographer will introduce themselves and you both can enjoy a fun engagement photoshoot to capture the post-engagement glow. You might re-create the proposal again just to make sure you get a variety of proposal moment shots. 2. Another option is to book a normal photoshoot (you can say that a family member gifted you a shoot, or ask your SO if they would would want a local tour guide that takes photos) and then during the shoot propose and just the oportune moment in your chosen spot. This method usually results in the best photos. These photos will be perfect for your official engagement announcement, wedding website, save-the-date cards, and wedding invitations!

Can the photographer get flowers, champagne, or displays?

Usually. However, this depends on the photographer’s capacity to handle these details, and those extras will always incur an extra cost that is either paid to another provider or to the photographer directly. Those extras are usually worth it! Ask your photographer if they are able to help with those details and what the extra cost would be.

Can I get all the RAW photos?

How long does it take to get the photos?

Photos are edited for light, color, and composition and delivered in high-resolution JPEG format to you by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. Your photographer will upload more than the amount of photos included in your photo package so you can pick all your favorites to keep. If you feel there is a certain photo or pose that is missing, we’ll be happy to look into it for you!

Can I purchase more photos or prints?

Yes! From your gallery, you can opt to purchase more digital photos, prints, canvas prints and more all from your gallery. We partnered with Bay Photo, some of the best in the business for professional art quality photography prints.

Can I buy a proposal shoot for someone else?

Yes! Purchasing a gift card is an easy way. You can also make the inquiry and book the photographer and then once you are ready to pass communication off, just change the contact preferences in your Local Lens account and then the photographer will switch over to communicating to the person you select.

Is getting a photographer really worth it?

The moment comes and goes in an instant. The better you capture it, the better you will be able to look back on the memory as the years go by.

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Ready to capture the question with beautiful proposal photography?

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