How to Explore Lima this Winter

Lima is an amazing Latin American destination that’s perfect for a winter getaway. While the Northern Hemisphere is filled with snow and ice, Lima experiences a balmy, rain-free season where the highs get into the 70s and the lows rarely dip into the 50s. With something to appeal to every traveler, it offers up culture, cuisine, outdoor adventures, history and more. Ready to pack your bags? Here’s what you won’t want to miss if you visit Lima this winter. 




The Views

Lima and Peru in general are breathtaking. Lima is situated on the Pacific Ocean and, if you know the right spots, you can catch some great views of the water and the city. Just check out the photos below to see what we’re talking about! Head there for some Instagram pics of your own, but also consider hiring a local photographer to capture you and your traveling companion with the beautiful Lima backdrop. 


The Food

You can’t leave Lima without trying some of the amazing speciality cuisine. Ceviche is like the national dish and, if you’ve eaten it elsewhere, you really haven’t tried it until you’re eating it fresh in Lima. A perfect example of Peruvian cuisine, it’s created with seafood right out of the Pacific waters and mixed with just a few ingredients for a simplicity that can’t be beat. The drinks are equally as nice, and the pisco sour is the Peruvian cocktail of choice.


The Museums

If you want to get a big dose of Peruvian culture and history without leaving Lima, your best bet is to check out some of the great museums. The Lima Art Museum and Larco Museum are both good options and filled with interesting artifacts, some dating back to pre-Columbian ages.


The Photo Ops

There are a range of photo ops when you’re in Lima, no matter what your style might be. If you want to get pics with the city lights in the background, that’s do-able. Photos near the ocean? That’s possible, too. Want the colorful streets and architecture surrounding you? It’s as easy as just picking a side street and whipping out your camera.


For help planning your travel photos, enlist a Lima photographer. A vacation photographer can take you to the best spots for memorable photos and ensure you and your traveling companions look your best. A step above Instagram, these are photos that you’ll want to blow up and hang on your wall for years to come. 

If you’ve been looking for vacation photoshoot ideas for your Lima vacation, let us help, and, in the meantime, check out these fun couples’ travel photos from a recent Lima shoot, below. 




Captured by Local Lens Vacation Photographer in Lima – Maik


Lima Maik Peru

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