Creative Ways to Use Your Vacation Photos

What’s the point of hiring a photographer if you’re not going to show off your incredible photos? Don’t let your precious memories waste away in the “cloud” forever– print them, share them, and value them!

When you book a photoshoot through Local Lens, we provide you with the opportunity to get tangible prints made from the photos we take. From photo prints (4×6 to 24×36) to canvas prints (5×7 to 20×30), we’re happy to provide you with quality products that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

From your family vacation photos and honeymoon photos to your maternity photos and more, there are so many milestones in life that should be documented. Below are some fun ways to make the most of the photos from your next photoshoot!



Personalized Photo Albums

Photo albums may be the easiest way to preserve fun memories from your vacation! Albums have come a long way with the advancement of technology. You can create personalized covers of photo albums that you still insert hard-copy photos in, or you can have the album entirely printed online. Many sites offer high-quality glossy print photo albums that you can build online using your favorite vacation photos. Next time you have company, wouldn’t it be nice to show them a real photo album rather than pictures on your phone? We think so too.



Magnets, Coasters, and More!

If you still think your photos can only be printed on paper, join the 21st century my friends! Your vacation photos can be made into magnets, coasters, wrapping paper, you name it! These unique products can make for super fun gifts as well. Have your photos printed on throw blankets, pillows, and a variety of other household items– picture frames are so 1995.



Fill an Empty Frame

Ok, I know I just said picture frames are old news, but this is a new frame of mind! A great DIY project is to grab a huge empty frame and fill it with a bunch of photos rather than one big one. You can fill the frame with chicken wire or cork to have a surface to hang or pin the photos on. Include postcards and ticket stubs to make it truly stand out– it’s like having a hanging 3D scrapbook in your home!

See?! There are so many creative ways to use your vacation photos! The above ideas are great to jazz up your home decor or to give as gifts. Don’t let your photos fall victim to the digital ethers ever again!


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