Capturing Honeymoon Photos with Your Photographer in Amsterdam

Your honeymoon is unlike any other travel experience you’ll enjoy over the course of your life. A time to become closer with your new spouse and just relax to the fullest after possibly months of hectic wedding planning, you’ll look back on this week or two as potentially some of the best of your life. So why not remember it to the fullest? Instead of relying on hurried selfies and asking strangers to take your photo in front of that tourist site, a honeymoon photographer can leave you with beautiful shots of you and your husband or wife that may even rival your wedding photos! 

This fun couple planned a European jaunt for their honeymoon and, during their stop in Amsterdam, hooked up with our Amsterdam photographer to capture an afternoon of love, laughter and exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 





Tips for an Amsterdam Honeymoon Photo Shoot

If you’ll be in Amsterdam for your honeymoon and have scheduled a honeymoon photo shoot, there are a few tips to keep in mind, to make your session go as smoothly as possible and to ensure you get the amazing, high-quality photos you want. 

Get the Big Picture(s)

Don’t let a fear of being a “typical” tourist or cliche keep you from getting shots in one of Amsterdam’s most popular areas — the Canal District. There’s a reason why people love taking photos there: it’s so picturesque! Even if you just get a few photos in front of the tree-lined canals, make it a part of your session wish list. 

But See Another Side of Amsterdam, Too!

One of the best things about hiring an Amsterdam photographer for your honeymoon photos is that, while you might just be stopping by, they live there year-round and know all the best little local spots that no guidebook would ever mention. Listen to your honeymoon photographer’s recommendations and check out some pretty settings you wouldn’t see otherwise. They may even have some great restaurant and activity recommendations you can try out later!

Go Green

You might not necessarily think of Amsterdam as a city with a lot of greenery, but you would be surprised at how well the residents have added a little touch of nature into this urban hub. From the well-placed trees to the hidden little courtyards and parks to the ivy-covered canal homes, incorporate a little bit of greenery into your shoot for a nice contrast against some more architecture-heavy photos. Then, plan a romantic picnic for later during your stay, in one of the city’s lush parks.

Try Some Continuity 

Once you’ve arrived back home from your honeymoon and you’re arranging all your fantastic wedding and honeymoon photography in frames to decorate your home, you might see a sadly missed opportunity. If possible, consider a little continuity between your wedding and some of your honeymoon photos, just as you likely did your engagement and wedding photos. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated — just let your Amsterdam photographer know if you’d like to have a few shots that fit in with your wedding colors or theme.



An Amsterdam Honeymoon to Remember

While you’ll certainly always remember the big highlights from your honeymoon in Amsterdam, your honeymoon photographer can capture all the little moments, laughs and looks of new love that transpire during an afternoon exploring the city. Ready to see how an Amsterdam photographer can make your honeymoon that much better?



Captured by Local Lens Vacation Photographer in Amsterdam, Sylviya

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